Companion Planting in Spinach

Spinach is likely one of the world’s healthiest greens, and it is also a delight to develop within the backyard. Some particular crops may even assist spinach develop sooner, growing yields and lowering crop issues.

Advantages of Growing Spinach

Spinach prospers in cool-weather gardening due to its excessive iron focus and a number of other culinary makes use of. Spinach has been proven to develop successfully with a variety of different seasonal crops. This nutrient-dense vegetable is steadily the primary produced within the spring. It’s additionally one of many final timber to fall within the fall.

Spinach requires little or no repairs and could be harvested briefly durations. As additional, spinach is not as inclined to viruses or pests in comparison with different frequent greens comparable to kale or arugula.

In sizzling temperatures, although, spinach is liable to changing into bitter and bolting. Certain companion crops can present shade to spinach crops within the month of summer season and stop them from changing into bitter. 

Let us talk about such companion crops to develop together with spinach which can’t solely present help to the spinach crops however also can subsequently assist in growing the general yield.


Kale is a Brassica household plant that thrives when grown with spinach. Kale could be grown as child salad greens or as full-grown crops with spring greens. Kale, like spinach, is cold-tolerant and splendid for succession planting within the early spring or late fall. They’re additionally botanically and bodily distinct.

Kale won’t compete for vitamins or entice the identical pests as different greens. The essential benefit of interplanting with kale is that it permits making use of unused house. 


Cauliflower is a big plant that isn’t suited to small-space gardening. The largest profit of mixing cauliflower with spinach is that you may benefit from your house. You can harvest two crops from the identical quantity of land should you seed spinach beside newly transplanted cauliflower. By the time the slow-growing cauliflower turns into too large, you may have completed harvesting the spinach and let the cauliflower take over. You will not have to fret about below-ground rivalry since these crops have separate root zones and demand totally different vitamins.


Garlic is sown within the fall and harvested in the summertime, which is the polar reverse of most backyard veggies. This makes it the perfect companion for spinach, which thrives within the chilly and, in most areas, can equal garlic’s hardiness by the winter. If you need to get probably the most out of a small house, rigorously timed companion intercropping, comparable to this mixture, will present further harvests with little effort. Garlic dedicates a lot of its life underground, so there’s loads of room for a shallow-rooted, fast-growing crop like spinach in late fall and winter.


In the most well liked parts of the season, the light shade of tomato crops retains the spinach from bolting (flowering). Tomatoes are fairly easy to lift, so long as you’re ready to cope with pest and illness points. They’re great for low-maintenance crops since they can provide shade as they get bigger. Tomato leaves function a helpful defend for spinach.

First printed on: 04 May 2022, 03:34 IST



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