Fish Variety to get enormous revenue

People are turning to biofloc as a substitute for different conventional sorts of fish farming as demand for inland fish farming expands. A incessantly requested query is which fish must be began with and which is your best option.

While the BFT method is rapidly gaining momentum each domestically and globally, there are particular fish varieties that considerably increase the probabilities of success on your Biofloc fish farm. Here’s create your biofloc fish farm with high-value fish varieties.

The high-protein feed that fish require to develop plump and marketable is the costliest side of aquaculture. Aside from that, one of many elementary obstacles to fish farming is sustaining the tradition of water pure and away from fish feces. With its cyclical course of of reworking fish excreta into feed, the Biofloc fish farming expertise addresses each points in a single blow, holding tradition water clear and nutritious.

Best Fishes for Biofloc Farming

Let’s take a look at some fish that adapt finest to the biofloc course of and produce high-quality yields within the BFT surroundings on your biofloc fish farm.


Tilapia is likely one of the herbivorous fish species that has tailored properly to the BFT system. In a well-managed BFT tank, tilapia biomass might attain 200-300 mt/ha. It is widespread out there due to its fleshy nature, ease of cooking, delicate taste with no robust odor, and low worth.

Due to its invasive nature, it has been farmed in numerous tanks and ponds everywhere in the world. As a end result, a biofloc fish farm is an optimum infrastructure for this kind of fish.


Salmon, with its enormous dimension, fleshy high quality, and distinctive orange flesh with a white vein-like sample, is likely one of the most widely known sorts of fish on the earth. An grownup salmon can weigh between 4 and 5 kgs, nonetheless, a king salmon can weigh as much as 10 kgs or extra. Salmon are sometimes anadromous, that means they hatch in freshwater, migrate to the ocean, after which return to freshwater to breed. Several species, nonetheless, have populations which can be restricted to freshwater all through their lifetimes, making them a superb choice for a biofloc fish farm surroundings.

Consumption of Indian salmon, or Rawas, is thought to advertise wholesome metabolic exercise in people, and its excessive protein content material (starting from 20 to 30 gm per 100 gm fillet) makes it an exceedingly nutritious part of a balanced weight loss plan. While it’s naturally prevalent alongside the west coast, salmon farming has made it extra economical and broadly obtainable all through the Indian subcontinent.


Shrimp are smaller than prawns however have an identical look and taste. Both are crustaceans, and though shrimp is present in saline saltwater, prawns are present in brackish environments which can be considerably salty and even freshwater. Both of those varieties, nonetheless, are suited to the Biofloc fish tank surroundings.


Carp is a meaty freshwater fish that was first seen in Europe and Asia. This omnivorous species is well-adjusted to quite a lot of feed alternate options and is well-adapted to the biofloc fish farming system. This selection grows finest when the water temperature is saved between 23 and 30 levels Celsius. These fish can face up to extreme winters and salt ranges of as much as 5%. The splendid pH vary for this fish to flourish is between 6.5 and 9.0. These fish are recognized to be strong, surviving each low oxygen ranges (0.3-0.5 mg/litre) and supersaturation.


Trout are largely freshwater species and are members of the salmon household. Trout have a large spectrum of colours that adjust from area to area since this fish has specific camouflaging properties that enable it to adapt to its surroundings, environment, and habitat. Trout could also be cultivated in tanks inside BFT programs and feeds on different smaller fish and invertebrates aquatic life. This fish gives round 18 grams of protein per 100 grams of fillet, making it a cheap supply of wholesome fat and different vitamins & widespread amongst customers.

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