Because they’re famend for his or her taste, they’re preferrred for preserving, making sauces, and consuming straight — calmly salted if you would like.

Tomatoes are available in hundreds of sorts, a lot of that are hybrids, however they could be categorized into six sorts. Tomatoes are all fruits of the Solanum Lycopersicum plant, and so they’re generally referred to as to and utilized in cooking as greens.

They have a contemporary, gentle taste and are sometimes purple; nonetheless, they may also be yellow, orange, or purple.

They’re excessive in nutritional vitamins C and E, in addition to antioxidants like beta carotene and lycopene, which give a wide range of well being advantages.

This article introduces seven widespread tomato varieties, their dietary worth, and find out how to put together them. Keep studying to know extra!

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are spherical, bite-sized, and so juicy that whenever you chew into them, they could explode.

Only 3 energy and hint ranges of many nutritional vitamins and minerals are present in one cherry tomato (17 grams). They’re the proper dimension for salads or as a snack on their very own. They’re additionally nice for kebabs and skewers.

Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are smaller than cherry tomatoes. They are rectangular and don’t comprise as a lot water. A single grape tomato (8 g) comprises just one calorie. Grape tomatoes, like cherry tomatoes, are scrumptious in salads or as a snack. They’re most likely too little to make use of on skewers, too.

If you do not like cherry tomatoes due to their juiciness, the grape sort could also be a greater possibility.

Roma Tomatoes

Although Roma tomatoes are bigger than cherry and grape tomatoes, they don’t seem to be massive sufficient to be sliced. Plum tomatoes are one other identify for Romas.

A 62-gram Roma tomato has 11 energy and 1 gram of fiber. Because they’re naturally candy and juicy, they’re preferrred for preserving or creating sauces. They’re additionally fashionable in salads.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Large, sturdy, and agency sufficient to maintain their form when thinly sliced, beefsteak tomatoes are a sensible choice.

One massive (182-gram) beefsteak tomato with a 3-inch (8-cm) diameter has 33 energy, 2 grams of fiber, and 28% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C, an immune-boosting antioxidant.

They’re preferrred for making sandwiches and hamburgers. They have a reasonable taste and are juicy, making them preferrred for canning or sauce-making.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are available in a variety of sizes and colours, from gentle yellow to shiny inexperienced to deep purplish-red. They’re non-hybrids, so their seeds are stored and handed down with out being cross-pollinated by different varieties.

Heirloom tomatoes are seen by some as a extra pure different to hybrid tomatoes. In addition, heirloom sorts have a richer, sweeter taste than store-bought sorts.

Heirloom tomatoes supply equal dietary values to peculiar tomatoes. A medium (123-gram) heirloom tomato has 22 energy and 552 mcg of beta carotene, a potent antioxidant that is a precursor to vitamin A – important for clear imaginative and prescient. Because they’re famend for his or her taste, they’re preferrred for preserving, making sauces, and consuming straight — calmly salted if you would like.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Tomatoes on the vine are provided with the vine they grew on nonetheless hooked up. This extends the lifetime of the product.

According to a number of research, vine-ripened tomatoes have increased ranges of antioxidants and different vitamins than tomatoes plucked earlier than they’re totally ripe. One medium (123-gram) tomato on the vine comprises 22 energy and three,160 mcg of lycopene, a strong antioxidant with heart-protective properties.

They’re normally huge and exhausting sufficient to slice for sandwiches, however they’re additionally good for canning and sauces.

Green Tomatoes

There are two forms of inexperienced tomatoes: heirlooms, that are inexperienced when utterly ripe, and unripened, which haven’t but turned purple.

Unripe inexperienced tomatoes are utilized in cooking in some areas, which can shock you. Fried inexperienced tomatoes, for instance, are fashionable within the Southeastern United States. They are sliced, battered with cornmeal, and fried. Green tomatoes are stable, simple to slice, and low in energy, as are different sorts, with one medium (123-gram) inexperienced tomato containing solely 28 energy.

They’re additionally nice for canning and sauce making. They add a novel taste and colour to meals as a result of they’re acidic and barely bitter. Green tomatoes are generally used to provide relish, a sandwich, and meat condiments.


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