Alocasia Hilo magnificence is a beautiful tropical plant that could be a excellent houseplant for intermediate and superior plant mother and father. 

It is often known as “Elephant Ear” due to the large sized leaves it rocks. 

Recently there was a debate happening to categorise this plant as a Caladium. 

And it’s scientific title cements this place as it’s known as – Caladium Praetermissum

Today, on this put up you’re going to get to study extra about this plant and the way to look after it. 

Hilo Beauty Information

It has been given the title Hilo, as a result of it’s believed to be a local of the Hilo area of Hawaii. 

It is a tropical plant that enjoys a heat humid setting and thrives the very best in it. 

The top of this plant can attain someplace between 3-4 toes and its leaves can develop as huge as 2-3 toes. 

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Alocasia Hilo Beauty Care 

To look after Alocasia Hilo Beauty, you could maintain the lightning, watering, pot dimension and temperature of the place it’s saved in. 

Let’s take a look at some necessary elements intimately: 

Alocasia Hilo Beauty Drooping? 

Drooping of Alocasia Hilo Beauty can occur as a consequence of temperature drop, location change, repotting, lighting and watering points. 

  • In case of the temperature drop this plant can go dormant and can droop and look lifeless. It requires heat temperature to thrive finest.
  • If its location has been modified not too long ago (nursery –  to your house) give it a while to adapt to the brand new setting.
  • Kept in a location the place it doesn’t obtain vibrant direct daylight this may make your plant droop. Move it to a location the place it receives vibrant oblique daylight. 
  • Too a lot watering may cause overwatering which begins to rot the stem system. When this occurs the plant just isn’t in a position to take up water and goes droopy and if not taken care the leaves begin to flip yellowish

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One of the main care elements for Alocasia Hilo Beauty is to maintain it heat. 

The place it must be saved in ought to have a temperature above 18C/85F temperature. 

As they’re a tropical plant, if the temperature goes under this, these crops will go dormant. 


The splendid daylight requirement for Hilo Beauty is to get vibrant oblique daylight. 

Being from a tropical area they’re accustomed to develop within the shade of different crops. 

So, oblique daylight is finest for them. 

You can maintain it in morning direct gentle daylight for 1-2 hours for higher development. 

South going through home windows are an incredible spot for them. 


These crops respect common watering however don’t over do it.

As it may possibly result in overwatering which will be very harmful for this plant. 

Allow the highest layer of the soil to dry out between watering. 

Humid Environment 

These crops are initially from a tropical area the place humidity ranges are fairly excessive. 

To replicate the identical setting you possibly can maintain a pebbles tray beneath the pot though I wouldn’t recommend misting.

The water contained in the pebbles tray evaporates and raises the humidity stage.

This can present a super setting in your Alocasia Hilo Beauty. 

Pot Size 

Size of the pot during which this plant is saved may even play an necessary position in its care routine. 

If you retain it in a relatively huge sized pot, it may possibly promote overwatering because the plant won’t be able to soak up the quantity of water it’s feeded. 

So, all the time select a pot that goes in line with the scale of the plant. 

Also, make sure that to make some holes on the backside for correct drainage and passage of air. 

Final Words 

I hope this quick and to the purpose information has given you sufficient info on Alocasia Hilo Beauty to correctly maintain it. 

If you want any extra help, do make sure that to remark down under and I’ll attain out to you quickly. 

Happy Gardening.


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