Five years in the past, Payyannur, Kerala, native Dananjayan A V, left his cable operator job to take care of his household. With his spouse employed and two youngsters beginning faculty, he discovered a number of free time every day. Terrace farming was thus taken up as a pastime.

Months handed and he grew extra desirous about farming. He joined a Facebook neighborhood referred to as Krishithottam Group (KTG) from which scientific and natural farming concepts have been acquired.

“I began with vegetable farming in a few grow bags following traditional methods. Now there are 250 bags in which I grow vegetables like okra, brinjal, tomato, chilli, and bitter gourd as well as seasonal greens like lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and capsicum,” says the 48-year-old.

Dananjayan makes use of the drip irrigation technique on his 1000-sq-ft terrace which saves water and time. It requires refilling as soon as every week and is thus useful if the household is just not round for every week or two to take care of the crops. Incorporating such scientific strategies and yielding a very good harvest made him the recipient of the Best Terrace Farmer award of the Kerala authorities in 2019.

Award-Winning Terrace Farmer Turns Kitchen Waste Into 1000 kg Organic Fertiliser/Month
Dananjayan receiving award for the perfect terrace farmer from former minister for agriculture V S Sunil Kumar.

The drip irrigation system employed by Dananjayan is totally different from the same old ones. It is transportable and may be put in inside 5 minutes. The system was developed by Biju Jalal, an innovator from Kollam. The system which consists of pipes and fabric strings is positioned on the base and vast trays are set above. Grow luggage or pots with crops are positioned upon them. The trays can maintain as much as 100 kg weight.

Award-Winning Terrace Farmer Turns Kitchen Waste Into 1000 kg Organic Fertiliser/Month
Dananjayan and his natural terrace farm.

“There is a misconception that terrace farming will ruin the strength of a building,” he says, including, “With technical knowledge, there is no danger at all. The grow bags are to be placed at a small height to avoid direct contact with water on the terrace. Or you can use waterproof paint on the terrace so that no damage occurs.”

The farmer additionally opines that if operated fastidiously, a develop bag can be utilized for as much as three years.

Organic manure on a business foundation

Dananjayan makes use of kitchen waste to make his natural manure at house which is a wonderful supply of vitamins for crops. It was later that he was launched to composting and arrange two dabbas to arrange them. Other than kitchen waste, dry leaves, twigs and poultry waste was added to it which made the method quicker.

“There was manure leftover even after using it for my crops. So, I decided to level it up for sale. One kilogram of this manure is now sold for Rs 30. At present only 4 kg packets are available. All sales happen via Facebook and I get great feedback from farmers,” he says.


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Award-Winning Terrace Farmer Turns Kitchen Waste Into 1000 kg Organic Fertiliser/Month

In addition to the manure enterprise, the farmer additionally sells natural pest management sprays, seeds and saplings of crops. The spotlight of all these merchandise is that they’re cheaper than those accessible at shops and gardens.

Even although Dananjayan has a bit of land close to his home, he largely concentrates on terrace farming. He cultivates purple girl papaya within the land which is now within the rising stage. “I manage the whole area and process alone. Thus, there are many limitations,” he shares.

The farmer’s household can be within the cultivation and backs him with full assist. “If you are planning to do terrace farming make sure to use organic fertilisers. That way we can harvest healthy produce that is also tasty,” he suggests.

Award-Winning Terrace Farmer Turns Kitchen Waste Into 1000 kg Organic Fertiliser/Month

If you have an interest in buying merchandise from this farmer, contact him on Facebook.

Edited by Yoshita Rao



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