EWG has not too long ago launched its annual record of most contaminated meals gadgets.

Strawberry is one the highest contaminated meals gadgets enlisted within the EWG’s annual report

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has printed the 2022 Dirty Dozen, its annual record of probably the most pesticide-contaminated recent vegetables and fruit. The Dirty Dozen is mainly a high-profile annual record made by the Environmental Working Group. The record identifies the twelve “most pesticide-contaminated conventionally grown fruits & vegetables.”

Food Items Found To Be Most-Contaminated

Spinach and different leafy greens in addition to strawberries are among the many most contaminated ones. Following these meals gadgets are apples, grapes, and nectarines. Cherries, peaches, celery, cherries, tomatoes, and pears are a number of the different meals gadgets to keep away from. 

Dirty Dozen record is made after the newest conclusive examine by the Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration.  Pesticide pollution have been found on greater than 70% of non-organic yields evaluated by the FDA and USDA, highlighting a problem that has already been outlined throughout the final 12 months’s report. Nonetheless, the record isn’t an excuse to give up consuming these meals gadgets.

An EWG Toxicologist said that everybody ought to eat vegetables and fruit each day no matter the strategies concerned in rising them. He additionally added that each grocery purchaser has the proper to seek out out what adulterants are current within the meals gadgets that they’re shopping for and consuming. They needs to be effectively conscious of all the possibly poisonous compounds current within the greens and fruits in order that they’ll make optimum purchases in concern with their budgets, households, and different constraints. 

In a current examine carried out by Harvard University, it was found that consuming greens and fruits with excessive quantities of pesticides and different poisonous substances can result in the danger of growing numerous cardiovascular situations in addition to early mortality. 

Recommendations By EWG

The EWG issued an advisory stating that the shoppers ought to go for organically grown above-mentioned meals gadgets each time possible. Organic farming limits the utilization of pesticides and different chemical fertilizers in crop manufacturing. 


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