Calathea Setosa is a beautiful houseplant with lengthy striped leaves that make it stand out.

Although popularly often called Calathea, it’s essential to make clear that this plant belongs to Ctenanthe Genus.

And is definitely referred to as Ctenanthe Setosa

In this publish you’ll be taught lots of issues about Calathea Setosa and most significantly find out how to look after it.  

Let us first be taught some:

Interesting Facts About Calathea Setosa 

  • This plant can be popularly often called Never Never Plant
  • It belongs to the Marantaceae household therefore additionally it is a Prayer plant.
  • It will open up its leaves to take in daylight and fold them as soon as there is no such thing as a daylight, which looks as if it’s praying.

Let’s get into the enjoyable half. 

Calathea Setosa Care – How do you Care for Calathea Setosa 

Calathea Setosa Care

Humid Environment – Never Never Plant Care 

This plant is native to tropical rainforests, the place the humidity ranges are greater.  

To replicate the identical surroundings you may get a humidifier or maintain it over a pebble tray. 

The water evaporated from the pebble tray will increase the humidity stage round it offering this plant the proper surroundings. 

Low humidity ranges have been seen to limit the expansion of this plant. 

If your calathea setosa can be not rising, low humidity stage can very properly be the rationale behind it.

Generally it’s suggested to maintain the humidity stage to 40% for this plant to dwell the happiest.

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Type of Potting Soil   

Potting soil for Calathea must be nutrient wealthy, properly draining and porous in nature. 

As these crops love to remain in moist environments coco peat is a should for it. 

Coco peat helps in retaining the moisture for a very long time and is kind of porous in nature permitting the plant to breathe correctly.  

Adding perlite makes the soil much more porous and helps in draining the surplus water shortly and stopping overwatering.

The finest potting combination for Calathea Sethosa is: 

  • Garden Soil – 1 half
  • Coco peat – 1 half
  • Perlite – 1/2 half
  • Vermicompost – 2 half 

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Watering Routine – Calathea Setosa care

Being from a tropical area, Never Never Plant thrives the very best in moist soil.

You can water it each a couple of times in every week, earlier than watering simply contact the higher layer of the soil to see if it’s dry.  

Whenever you water it, water it totally in order that water runs out of the drainage holes.

If you are feeling that the soil is dry then water it in any other case you’ll be able to depart it that approach.

Its leaves will begin to curl should you neglect to water it and the soil turns into dry to an incredible extent. 

Although don’t maintain it overly moist as it should promote root rot and injury the crops. 

In the winter you’ll need to scale back the watering frequency because the plant won’t soak up the identical quantity of water.

Type of Water – Calathea Setosa Care 

In its native surroundings this plant is adaptive to rainwater.

Rainwater is taken into account naturally mushy water that doesn’t have excessive mineral content material. 

So, should you water it with “Hard water” extra mineral content material will begin to construct up within the soil and its leaves making it onerous for the plant to breathe. 

That is why you must at all times water this plant with distilled water. 

Not even mushy water because it incorporates excessive ranges of sodium (salt) which may idiot the plant that it has taken sufficient water, however in actuality inflicting it to die of thirst. 

Calathea Setosa Light Requirement 

In their pure habitat these crops develop beneath the shade of enormous crops the place they get sufficient filtered daylight. 

But they’re untouched from the direct daylight. 

So, the very best place for calathea setosa is to maintain it in a location the place it may get oblique bright-medium daylight or filtered daylight however stays away from harsh direct solar rays. 

Too a lot daylight will burn the attractive foliage of the plant and too little will trigger leaf variegation to vanish. 

Temperature – Never Never Plant Care

Temperature additionally performs an essential position within the look after Calathea Setosa. 

In the cruel winter season this plant will get confused resulting from dry air and equally in sizzling climate resulting from sizzling air. 

Also, don’t maintain it immediately in entrance of Air Conditioner or Heater. 

The finest temperature for Never Never crops is between 65-75 diploma Fahrenheit which we people additionally take pleasure in the very best.

Common Problems With Calathea Setosa 

Calathea Setosa Brown Tips 

The cause behind Calathea Setosa Brown Tips will be shallow watering, a much less humid surroundings. 

Shallow watering could cause brown ideas in by no means by no means plant, so to keep away from it, at all times water it absolutely as a lot because the water runs out of the drainage holes. 

Another cause will be much less humidity, if that’s the case you suppose then contemplate shopping for a humidifier or put a pebble tray beneath the pot. 

It will definitely assist. 

Setosa Leaves Starting To Curl 

This is a first-rate case of underwatering, this plant extremely requires moist soil and if stored underwater its leaves will begin to curl. 

Give it a pleasant tub and let it get better.

Spots on Leaves 

If you encounter spots on the leaves of your plant, it may very properly be attributable to the mineral construct up resulting from onerous water. 

This plant does finest with distilled water or rainwater. 

You can wipe off the leaves with a dampened fabric however to keep away from it from occurring once more water it with distilled water.

Frequently Asked Questions? 

Is Calathea Setosa an Indoor Plant? 

Yes, Calathea Setosa is an ideal indoor plant that enjoys filtered daylight and a reasonably heat temperature (65-75 diploma Fahrenheit). 

Final Words:

This was it for the Calathea Setosa (Never Never Plant). 

I hope you have got realized sufficient concerning the plant and its care necessities to develop it with none downside. 

If you continue to have any questions that I neglect to reply do let me know within the remark part.

Also ensure to share it together with your family and friends members.


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