From May 20, farmers have been in a position to go in for direct sowing.

Bhagwant Mann, Punjab CM

The Punjab authorities is about to offer Rs 1,500 per acre in monetary assist to any farmer who opts for direct rice seeding within the forthcoming Kharif season. Farmers will likely be weaned away from paddy transplanting, which is dangerous to the surroundings, and a groundwater guzzler.

From May 20, farmers have been allowed to go in for direct seeding. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann made the assertion.

Farmers’ labour troubles could be alleviated by utilizing the direct seeding method forward of every paddy season. Because transplantation labour is changing into extra pricey, farmers may get monetary savings by utilizing DSR.

It’s price noting that paddy transplantation would not begin till June. Environmental specialists have been warning towards paddy cultivation for the previous couple of years since a number of areas in Punjab have seen a dramatic drop in groundwater ranges. Paddy cultivation is quickly depleting groundwater ranges.

According to an announcement launched by the Government of India in Parliament earlier this yr, 117 blocks within the state are categorised as “over exploited.”

Paddy cultivation utilizing the transplantation method is reducing the water stage in Punjab. Farmers expressed a powerful need to make use of the direct seeding method final yr, and 15.02 lakh acres have been planted on this method. With the provide of monetary assist this yr, the administration is hoping to double the world below direct seeded rice.

Mann urged farmers to influence their household and buddies to undertake DSR after studying of the federal government’s plan to grant monetary help. “The majority of districts are in the red zone because the underground water level is fast falling,” he added.

Merits of Direct Seeded Rice

  • Saving of water as nursery elevating, puddling, seepage, and percolation are eradicated.

  • Early maturity (7-10 days) helps in well timed administration of paddy straw, therefore well timed sowing of succeeding crops.

  • Soil construction isn’t disturbed because it prevents formation of laborious pan simply beneath the plough layer in direct seeded rice as happens in a puddled transplanted system.

  • Labour required for nursery elevating, uprooting and transplanting of seedlings are saved.

First printed on: 01 May 2022, 02:28 IST



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