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The larvae of stem borers are generally referred to as squash vine borers, as they burrow into the zucchini vine and different greens like pumpkins, i.e. one belongs to the cucurbits household (cucumbers and melons usually are not normally an issue). Once the vine is infested, the larvae feed for about 4 weeks, destroys the plant tissue and causes it to die. The crops die as a result of larvae thrive throughout the decrease a part of the stems.

Stem Borers may be managed solely by stopping the grownup moth from laying eggs on the crops or killing the larvae earlier than they infect the vine. Once the larvae burrow into the vine, it’s difficult to avert the harm. Controlling Stem Borer or Bhirud is especially about prevention.

The grownup clearwing moths emerge from early to midsummer and lay eggs singly or in tiny teams on the stem base. The eggs hatch inside one-two weeks. The larvae then get into the stems to feed for about 2 to 4 weeks; at occasions they assault the fruit too.

Stem Borer

How to establish stem borer or bhirud?

  • Eggs: Stem Borer or Bhirud lay tiny, flat, oval, and brown eggs. The eggs are laid scattered largely on the base of squash and pumpkin crops.
  • Larvae: To discover the larvae slit open a stem lengthwise with a superb, sharp knife. You would discover a fats, white, wrinkled physique and brown head insect that may be about an inch lengthy.
  • Moth: The grownup and totally grown stem borer or bhirud appear like a moth, i.e. about ½ inch lengthy and appears a bit like a wasp with a black physique, and flanked with orange-red stripes. Its hind wings are clear, and the entrance wings are metallic inexperienced.

Damage brought on by stem borer or bhirud:

  • Plant leaves will seem to wilt.
  • The base of the plant will present holes and inexperienced to orange-yellow sawdust-like frass or droppings.
  • The stem will rot from the areas the place the stem borers feed.

damage caused by bhirud

Control & Prevention of stem borer or bhirud:


  • Lookout for indicators of stem borer infestation and for those who catch it early, you’ll be able to decide and take away Stem Borers.
  • Slit open the decrease stem lengthwise with a pointy knife and take away the larva by hand. Once disinfected, cowl the slit stem part with moist soil to advertise the formation of secondary roots. Also, add wealthy soil close to the slit vines for rerooting. Remember that one plant can home a number of.
  • If entrance holes and “sawdust” seems, kill the within larvae by inserting a wire and thread by the stem as much as a ways.
  • When Stem Borers are small, and of their nascent phases you should utilize Torpid, Tafgor or Pyriban. These may be bought at
  • You can sprinkle black pepper across the crops because the a part of defence mechanism.
  • The moth rests on the higher floor of leaf bases at twilight or within the early morning. Thus destroy these moths at the moment.
  • Use pesticides to eliminate Stem Borers, however the timing is extraordinarily essential. For efficient outcomes, it’s essential to apply them when eggs are hatching.
  • The grownup moths may be trapped with yellow sticky traps and yellow-coloured soapy water bowls.
  • An age-old folks treatment states that wooden ashes are very efficient in opposition to the stem borers.

Watch How to Treat Zucchini/Squash Vine/Stem Borer Damage.

stem borer control

Prevention of stem borer or bhirud?

  • In case of Stem Borers, prevention is best than treatment.
  • Avoid planting squash in the identical mattress for 2 consecutive years. Keep in thoughts that squash vine borers overwinter in cocoons below the bottom.
  • Before planting clear up your soil.
  • Once the squash is harvested, discard the vines. Till the soil to eliminate overwintering pupae.
  • Stem Borers love Blue Hubbard Squash. Thus you’ll be able to plant it round zucchini and different squashes to stop the moths from attacking the primary greens.
  • Cover the stems strips of nylon stockings or aluminum foil, as they act as a barrier and stop egg laying. Anchor the covers in order that the pests can not get beneath them. This solely works if no moths are rising from burrows below the covers.
  • Introduce parasitic wasps earlier than the eggs are laid, as wasps are borers’ pure enemy.
  • You can cowl crops with floating row covers to stop egg laying, drape these row covers over frames. This will defend your crops from temperature extremities.
  • Grow snake gourd as it’s extra immune to Stem Borers.
  • The squash bug is a squash and zucchini predator.
  • Crop rotation is the important thing to eliminate stem borers. Avoid planting cucurbits in the identical plot, or plant cucumbers, melons or watermelons as borers hardly threaten them.
  • Lastly, you’ll be able to minimize off the contaminated vine and canopy it with further soil for brand spanking new root development.

bora insect

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