Ajwain plant is an distinctive herb that finds its assorted makes use of in Indian households. 

It is usually used for including flavors to dishes. So…

How to develop Ajwain Plant? 

To develop Ajwain vegetation, you want a superb sized pot, a wealthy potting combine and a spot that will get partial daylight or is in shade. It could be grown from both chopping or seeds.  

In this text, you’ll study the steps to develop it from each the strategies. 

Also, how you’ll want to look after the Ajwain plant as soon as it grows. 

Let’s first see:

How to develop ajwain plant from seeds? 

Grow ajwain plant from seeds

Best time to develop ajwain plant from seeds is the spring season.  

First purchase high quality seeds out of your native nursery retailer or on-line portals. 

Then take a seedling tray or wide pot.

Fill it with a wealthy potting combine (like this one). 

After this, plant the seeds inside this potting soil about ¼ inches deep. 

Make certain to have some hole between every seed and never cluster them, in any other case they gained’t be capable of germinate. 

Once you plant the seeds, then sprinkle it calmly with water. 

And preserve the pot in a shaded space away from direct daylight. 

Keep sprinkling water to maintain the soil moist. 

After 7-15 days the seeds will begin to germinate and inside 4-5 weeks they are going to be able to be transplanted to an even bigger pot. 

For the ultimate pot, use an 8-12 inch pot

Again fill it with potting soil after which fastidiously take out the saplings and plant it on this new pot.

This is how one can develop ajwain plant from seeds simply

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How to develop Ajwain plant from cuttings

To develop ajwain plant from chopping, you want a number of wholesome cuttings of 4-5 inches which can be tender in nature. Remove all of the leaves from the chopping besides two leaves from the highest. 

Then take a 4-6 inch pot and fill it with wealthy potting soil. 

And then merely plant these cuttings inside it. 

Water it often and preserve it in partial daylight. 

It will begin to kind roots inside a month. 

Once it will get massive you may transplant it into an even bigger pot of 8-12 inches in dimension.

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After 7-8 weeks, you can begin harvesting its leaves and seeds on your wants. 

Pluck the leaves earlier than they develop hair. 

You can simply handpick them.

Ajwain Plant Care 

Ajwain plant care contains wealthy aerated potting soil, daylight necessities, watering practices and fertilizing. 

Potting Soil 

The Ajwain plant grows finest in wealthy soil that has good aeration (free in nature), and draining capability. 

So, all the time use a superb potting soil (like this one) or put together your individual by including a superb quantity of coco peat, manure in it. 

Sunlight Requirements 

The Ajwain plant wants ample daylight to develop. But direct daylight for a chronic time can harm its leaves. 

So, it’s best to maintain it in a location that will get partial daylight for a superb period of time. 

Watering Rule  

Ajwain is a water loving plant and can want common watering throughout its rising interval.

But make certain to by no means overwater the plant as it may possibly begin inflicting troubles like root rot. 

Watering it reasonably however often is the important thing to achieve success with this plant. 

Pot With Drainage Holes 

This one is a crucial level, any pot that you simply use to develop ajwain plant should have 4-5 drainage holes on the backside. 

This serves 2 functions: 

Firstly it flushes out extra water from the pot in case you by accident over water it. 

Secondly it permits the move of air to the foundation which is necessary for it to develop. 


The Ajwain plant isn’t a heavy feeder and can do good with gentle fertilization. 

You can add NPK (19:19:19) fertilizer to it for its all spherical development throughout its rising interval (Spring season).

You may also add cow dung manure to maintain the soil wholesome and filled with useful microorganisms. 


I hope with the assistance of this straightforward information, it is possible for you to to develop ajwain plant at your house and luxuriate in it.

Ajwain vegetation have a number of well being advantages aside from the distinct flavors it brings.

If you continue to have any doubts relating to any level.

Then do make certain to remark down and I’ll attain out to you as quickly as attainable.


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