Blackboard tree is legendary for its therapeutic and business makes use of. So, test this text to know How to Grow Alstonia Scholaris.


Alstonia scholaris provides the tropical dimension to the locations the place it thrives. So, right here is the whole lot you could find out about How to Grow Alstonia Scholaris and its makes use of. 

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What is Alstonia Scholaris?

It is an evergreen, decorative, tropical tree, which is native to China and Asia. Besides, this tree has many therapeutic makes use of in ayurvedic medicines. Alstonia tree is extensively cultivated all throughout the nation and thrives in tropical, sub-tropical, to moist deciduous climates. In favorable circumstances, the tree can develop as tall as 12-20 meters in peak. It bears a whorl of 5 to seven leaves, that are deep inexperienced, rectangular, and thick. Besides, it additionally produces a cluster of aromatic, green-yellow flowers from March until July.

Common Names: Blackboard Tree, Devil’s tree, Saptaparna, Kashim, Chhatwan

Alstonia Scholaris Medicinal Uses

1. The infusion of the barks is given to treatment periodic fever and headache.

2. Bark infusion is useful in curing pores and skin illnesses and rheumatism ache.

3. The juice of the roots is consumed with milk to treatment leprosy.

4. It has wound-healing properties, so its leaves and bark extract are utilized in therapeutic wounds.

5. Latex of the Alstonia is utilized in making chewing gum.

6. The aromatic flowers are utilized in getting ready important oil.

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Propagation of Alstonia Scholaris

You can propagate Alstonia tree through seeds. You can both harvest seeds from the fruits, however a extra handy choice is to purchase the seeds from the native vendor. Sow these seeds in well-draining and porous potting media. And, mist the soil completely and place it at any oblique, vivid daylight location.

Tip: You should buy a well-established sapling from the native nursery and plant it in a super container or backyard.

How to Grow Alstonia Scholaris

How to Grow Alstonia Scholaris 2


The tree is native to the subtropical and tropical climates, and thus, performs nicely in such Indian weather conditions. However, the Blackboard tree grows simply the place the typical temperature falls between 15-32 C with 1,000 – 3,800mm of annual rainfall.


The plant can adapt to a variety of soil sorts however well-draining, fertile and unfastened soil, particularly purple alluvial soil works greatest for rising this tree.


Blackboard tree responds nicely to the sunny location, subsequently, anyplace that receives 5-6 hours of full daylight works nice right here.


When the plant is younger, water it adequately each time topsoil is dry. Water often and deeply to maintain the soil constantly moist however not soggy. Once the plant turns into mature, it is going to maintain itself by itself. Also, observe watering the plant within the morning and night time to keep away from any potential fungal points.


The software of well-rotted cow dung manure through the rising part of spring and summer time is useful for vegetation.

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The tree finds nice worth because of its medicinal bark and latex. It takes round 8-10 years for the tree to realize maturity and turn into harvestable. Also, the months from October to January are thought-about greatest for bark harvesting.


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