If succulents may say one sentence on a regular basis of their lives, it could absolutely be “leave me alone”. One of the best and fuss free vegetation ever, these desert beauties are available all sizes and styles and everybody of them are equally stunning. One of the commonest queries that involves us at Ugaoo I about acclimatizing the succulents to Indian houses.

If you want to develop succulents at dwelling, crucial factor we have to perceive is that they’re very completely different from you common indoor or out of doors vegetation. A overwhelming majority of houseplant, virtually 90%, are tropical vegetation and develop in jungles the place the rising circumstances are wealthy and moist. On the opposite hand, all succulents are desert vegetation that develop with little to no water by means of the 12 months apart from within the wet season and free sandy soil devoid of any natural matter.

To develop succulents efficiently you will need to replicate their rising circumstances with mild, soil, and watering and that instantly interprets to leaving them alone for many half.

How to care for Succulents in Indian Climate

Succulents are a favorite with all age group at the moment for his or her ease of rising, their compact rising sample, and carefree nature.  Their reputation will continue to grow for the subsequent decade or so. With folks gravitating in direction of inexperienced gifting choices, succulents are a best choice as a result of it may be gifted to virtually anybody, regardless of them being a gardener or not.

Succulents adapt to even harsh circumstances. There are some things that you need to remember whereas taking good care of your succulents.

The greatest container in your succulents

Succulents don’t want very large pots. The most vital issue when deciding on planter/container in your succulents is drainage. Succulent planters have to have a sufficiently massive drainage gap for fast draining after watering. Another issue that performs an vital position in that is the potting combine that we’ll speak about later.

You ought to at all times water them sidewise on the roots and never instantly from the highest to keep away from calcium stains of their foliage or branches. Do not over or beneath water the vegetation as a result of that may stop plant development.

The greatest potting medium in your succulent

Unlike different houseplants, succulents want a soil-less potting combination customised for them. While the market is stuffed with succulent potting mixes, you can also make your personal at dwelling very simply. One of the largest strain factors for succulents is the potting combine, the opposite being watering.

The potting combine must be nicely aerated and to let the roots breathe and keep away from rot. A free combine additionally permits the weak root system to flourish and make their manner simply by means of the planter, as a wholesome root system interprets to more healthy shoot development. A well-draining free combine additionally ensures that it doesn’t maintain extra moisture.

A very good succulent potting combine ought to include equal half constructing materials and drainage materials. Perlite, coarse sand, wooden chips, neem cake powder, compost, and cocopeat are nice parts. Mix them in equal elements and your good to go, or you’ll be able to keep away from all the trouble and purchase a succulent potting combine off the shelf.

The right solution to water your succulent

Succulents don’t require to be watered often they usually do higher on the drier aspect and are extraordinarily drought resistant. They must be watered solely when the potting combine is totally dry after which some.

If the soil has even a tiny little bit of moisture, it doesn’t require any water. Succulents relaxation within the afternoon and that’s once they take in and make the most of the water. It is vital to water the succulents from the aspect and take care to not moist the leaves to keep away from leaf burn. Water your succulent until it begins popping out of the drainage gap and let it drain fully.

The proper mild in your succulent

One of the key issues of plant dad and mom is vegetation not surviving after they get it dwelling from the nursery. Most of the vegetation in nurseries are maintained beneath the inexperienced home. Once you get the vegetation dwelling don’t put them within the solar instantly, ease them into it. Introduce them to partial solar after which full solar step by step.

Although many of the succulents are good with the solar however they’ll’t tolerate the scorching solar of Indian summer season afternoons. They do nice with 3-4 hours of daylight when they’re outdoors and brightest oblique mild indoor. Ideal locations indoors for them can be close to south-facing home windows or balcony or in east or west dealing with balconies or windowsills the place they get morning or late afternoon solar. Inadequate mild will make the plant leggy. Good mild ensures higher development and beautiful colors.

Ventilation in your succulent

Succulents require good air flow to dry out the soil, particularly within the winter season the place it requires respiratory. Non-ventilated containers and placements can suffocate the vegetation and trigger them to rot as a result of build-up of moisture.

Ensure that air flows freely round succulents and don’t group them up with different tropical houseplants as they enhance the moisture content material within the air round them.

The proper rising temperature in your succulent

Succulents are hardy vegetation that thrive at an optimum temperature vary between 15-45 levels. They do go dormant within the winter season and require even lesser watering to outlive.

The right fertilizers in your succulent

Succulents require diluted fertilizers of their rising season of spring and summer season. Feeding it with any generic plant fertiliser as soon as a month does the trick. One teaspoon of bone meal each month or a bi-monthly dose of 19:19:19 N:P:Okay foliar spray.

Winter care in your succulents

  • Succulents can’t survive in freezing temperatures, so don’t go away them out.
  • Damp soil within the winters can lead to root rot. That’s why watering additional reduces within the winter months.
  • If the soil shouldn’t be drying out simply in winters because of the moisture, add a layer of sand on high of the soil.
  • If you don’t want to maneuver the plant right here and there, select a location on the temperature degree of 50-55 levels Fahrenheit.

The greatest succulents suited to Indian houses

  1. Agave

Agave is a hardy evergreen succulent with a big rosette of slim stiffly erect leaves with reasonably spaced spines. They are slow-growing vegetation that thrive on a little bit of neglect!

  1. Furcraea

Furcraea is a hardy stemless evergreen succulent, very nicely suited to Indian local weather, sizzling arid to tropical. Grown for his or her variegated foliage, they kind a fountain of upright, sword-shaped leaves, resembling undulating ribbons.

  1. Yucca

Yuccas are gradual rising and drought tolerant hardy vegetation. Eventually, they sometimes lose their decrease leaves giving the plant a pleasing tree-like look.

  1. Senecio

Senecio is a fast-growing succulent with vines and as soon as established, they’re extraordinarily drought tolerant, with small, white, cinnamon-scented flowers. They are extraordinarily handsome in hanging planters.

  1. Haworthia

This succulent well-known for a rosette of plump, stiff, upright leaves, Haworthias are a pleasure to develop they usually are available many sizes and patterns and are extraordinarily straightforward to develop.

  1. Echeveria

One of essentially the most broadly planted succulents, Echeveria is well-loved for its rose-like kind with fleshy leaves in a rainbow of colors. Echeveria is an evergreen and produces summer season flowers.

  1. Sedum

Sedum is legendary for its dense, tender foliage that get heavy because it matures. It seems nice trailing out of erect planters with fantastically tender blue-green leaves. They love vibrant shade or partial solar and develop equally nicely indoors too.

  1. Adenium

Adeniums are stunning alternative so as to add a splash of color to the backyard with flowers that bloom for a number of weeks in shades of pink through the spring and summer season months.

  1. Hens and Chick – Sempervivum tectorum

This succulent grows in a cluster of the rosette. The most important plant is called the hen, and the offspring round it are known as chicks. The offspring sprout their roots, changing into an impartial plant.

  1. Jade Plant

Also generally known as a fortunate plant, the fleshy, shiny, and oval leaves rising on the burgundy stems together with seasonal white to pink flowers.

  1. Snake Plant- Dracaena trifasciata

Its tapered leaves, together with the cream-yellow border throughout the sides makes it stand out from all of the succulents. This plant can keep with out water for weeks and doesn’t ask for a lot consideration.

  1. Hoya carnosa

Also generally known as valentine plant or sweetheart wax plant, Hoya plant consists of large-sized, thick, fleshy, and heart-shaped leaves. It produces a cluster of pink-hued and red-eyed, waxy flowers.


  1. Where are you able to develop succulents?

Succulents thrive in heat and dry climates. In India, it’s going to thrive the place it’s sizzling all year long, each as indoor and out of doors vegetation.

  1. What’s the Correct Pot Size?

Succulents have shallow roots they usually do nicely in smaller pots. While selecting the container be sure that the pot has a drainage gap and is only one measurement larger than the earlier pot.

  1. How to Water Succulents?

Water the succulent solely when the potting combine is totally dry and look forward to a few days put up that too. Water it from the aspect, taking care to not moist the foliage. Let the water drain fully from the drainage gap earlier than putting it again.

  1. What is the perfect mild for succulents?

Succulents develop greatest beneath direct daylight. However, overexposure to daylight can hurt them. In India, many states obtain harsh daylight, particularly through the summer season afternoons.




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