This weblog is a part of our sequence of blogs on Bonsai. Here we’re going to study making a contemporary new bonsai from a non-bonsai plant. To perceive the fundamentals of Bonsai gardening, learn ‘Art of making bonsai’ & ‘The magic of Bonsai trees

Aim:  To put together Bonsai from the obtainable plant.

Requirements: Plant, Bonsai container (shallow pot) of applicable dimension, soil manure, brick items, soil stainers, pruning scissors, potting sticks, plastic mesh, copper wire, wire cutter.

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equipment for making bonsai

Selection of Plants for Bonsai:

Woody tree or shrub species are chosen for making Bonsai. The dimension of leaves, flowers, fruits, trunk with department preparations are important concerns in selecting a specific plant. Bonsai plant raised from seeds will take a very long time to coach. Hence, layering, chopping or grafting, could also be used for Bonsai preparation. Well grown nursery crops are chosen for bonsai making.

Following are some important crops for Bonsai:

Adenium, Bottlebrush, Casuarina, Banyan tree, Ficus Benjamina, Juniper, Malphigia, Mango, Jade, Mini pine tree, Bougainvillea, Jatropha, Murraya, Sterculia, and many others.

adenium flowering bonsai

Procedure for making a brand new bonsai plant:

Preparation of soil:

  • This is finished by sifting the soil via 3 three totally different sieves to get three totally different grades of soil. Well-balanced soil combination for bonsai incorporates three components of backyard soil, three components of manures and two components of damaged bricks.
  • The backside layer (coarse soil or sand) – to facilitate soil drainage.
  • The medium layer of soil combination (Soil+manure+bricks) for filling the pots.
  • The prime layer (high-quality soil) – giving the of completion.

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bonsai tree

Preparation of bonsai:

  • Prepare the plant by eradicating it from the earlier pot. Remove the additional soil from the roots with the assistance of sticks.
  • Cut off the additional roots with out disturbing the first roots.
  • Prune the shoots relying upon the specified form.
  • Take washed and dried bonsai pot. Cover the drainage holes with plastic mesh.
  • If it turns into troublesome for the plant to face within the pot, then move the copper wire via each the drainage holes and thru the mesh.
  • Spread backside soil everywhere in the backside of a pot, then unfold a bit medium soil over it.
  • Now hold the ready plant in place.
  • Tie wire across the root ball and safe its place.
  • Fill medium soil throughout the plant nearly as much as the highest.
  • Poke the soil throughout with potting sticks to make it compact.
  • Sprinkle glorious topsoil and provides the of completion to the bonsai. Brush off the surplus soil. Watering ought to be finished by immersing the pot in a bathtub of water.
  • Keep the pot within the tub until the soil is completely soaked.
  • Water the leaves with a sprayer.
  • Keep the plant in semi-shade until new progress seems, then step by step expose to daylight.

Making a new bonsai plant

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