Do you might have pothos in your house and backyard that’s not as lush as you need it to be? Don’t fear! Here are all of the secrets and techniques on How to Make Money Plant Bushy!


Pothos is among the most versatile crops you may have in your house and backyard. As it seems the perfect when it grows lush, listed here are all of the secrets and techniques on How to Make Money Plant Bushy to make yours stand out!

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How to Make Money Plant Bushy

1. Give it Plenty of Bright Light

Pothos can do effectively in a little bit of shade however it received’t lead to lush foliage. Make certain the plant will get loads of brilliant and oblique mild all through the day. However, maintain it secure from the lengthy publicity to the tough afternoon solar of Indian summers.

2. Water it Right

Water solely when the topsoil feels dry to the contact. Do not overwater the plant as it would make it droopy and uninteresting. People have a behavior of watering the plant every day and that’s one thing you could keep away from with cash plant.

3. Raise the Humidity Levels

Another issue that helps in bushier development is enhanced humidity. Use a humidifier or mist the plant to raise the humidity stage. Alternatively, maintain the plant on prime of the pebble water tray for a similar.

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4. Fertilize the Plant on Timely Basis

Money plant shouldn’t be a heavy feeder, however you should utilize mild fertilizer to stimulate its bushier development. For occasion, crushed dried leaves or compost can be utilized, as they’re excessive in nitrogen, which supplies lush foliage development.

Alternatively, makes use of a balanced liquid feed, as soon as in 4-6 weeks. Refer to the label for dosage and directions.

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5. Prune to Stimulate New Growth

How to Make Money Plant Bushy 2

Prune the plant, proper above the node, with sanitized shear in the course of the rising part. It will make the plant develop two extra stems from the lower, making it bushier very quickly. You may use these cuttings to develop extra crops!

6. Use Aloe Vera

Use a mix of water and aloe vera gel on the leaves to foster new development. Cut 2 slices of aloe vera leaves and blend in 500 ml of water. Blend the answer effectively, fill it in a sprig bottle, and apply it to the foliage as soon as in 4-6 weeks.

7. Feed with Rice Water

When you rinse the rice with water within the kitchen, save this leftover water for pothos. It is wealthy in NPK vitamins that assist in the bushier development of the cash plant. Use it as soon as a month.

8. Temperature

Pothos like to thrive within the 18-30 C temperature, so maintain the plant close by this vary. If the temperature drops or goes past the restrict, then it’d have an effect on the expansion of the plant.


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