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Dairy merchandise play a significant position in a balanced food regimen routine. Dairy merchandise are the selection of researchers within the improvement of purposeful meals. Functional meals are meals which have some further well being advantages past their fundamental dietary worth, as some particular bioactive compound has been added to it. Functional dairy merchandise have lately gained recognition amongst shoppers prior to now few years due to their desired well being advantages.

Milk is taken into account a great supply of all important important vitamins and nearly a whole meals that comprises a great supply of protein, fats, lactose, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Dairy merchandise type a substantial every day food regimen portion of probably the most inclined group like previous age, neonates, lactating moms and infants. Milk is likely one of the greatest nourishment food regimen sources moreover breast milk for new-borns and infants. Many purposeful dairy merchandise have been developed lately and consumed everywhere in the world together with, fermented merchandise, probiotic, prebiotic and symbiotic meals. Their demand is rising constantly and peoples are getting well being advantages, due to their optimistic impact on total well being attributable to added bioactive substances. 

Milk comprises a wide range of proteins, oligosaccharides and peptides, that are both the a part of uncooked recent milk or produced upon fermentation or digestion course of. Some of the sphingolipids or their metabolite current in milk has been investigated to point out antimicrobial impact additionally. The hint mineral bioavailability like selenium and manganese, iron and zinc and so forth., can also be improved by milk proteins and peptides. Milk proteins and peptides play an energetic position in nutrient absorption and digestion.

The purposeful significance of probiotics and fermented dairy meals are both instantly via consumed microorganisms or via the manufacturing of microbial metabolite from fermentation course of. The well being supporting mechanisms of probiotic drinks are via bettering indigenous intestinal microflora and immune modulatory mechanisms.

As per tips of meals and drug administration one serving of milk can present following really helpful dietary every day values of vitamins. The fundamental physiological operate related to these vitamins on broad foundation are talked about under:

  • Calcium (25 p.c): Maintain robust bones and tooth

  • Riboflavin (35 p.c): helps in mobile improvement of nervous system, pores and skin, RBC and metabolism of fats and carbohydrate

  • Phosphorus (20 p.c): assist in muscle contraction and formation of genetic materials (DNA and RNA), Strengthens bones, vitality steadiness

  • Vitamin D (15 p.c): calcium absorption, insulin regulation, anti carcinogenic exercise

  • Pantothenic Acid (20 p.c): acetyl CoA synthesis, necessary constituent of vitality cycle

  • Potassium (8 p.c): preserve fluid and electrolyte steadiness, blood strain regulation and cardiovascular well being Vitamin A (15 p.c): Promotes good imaginative and prescient and wholesome pores and skin

  • Niacin (10 p.c): cut back triglycerides and promote good ldl cholesterol

Health Benefits of Dairy Foods

Many research counsel that consumption of milk has varied well being advantages on physique equivalent to bettering bone well being, decreasing the danger of coronary heart illness and diabetes, forestall sarcopenia in elders or previous age, and maintains the intestine well being.

Infant and child meals: Milk is sort of necessary postnatal child meals after breast milk and supply vitamins and bioactive elements which permits the event of immune mechanism and symbiotic microflora within the gut of new-borns. Milk present vitality, important vitamins, mineral, nutritional vitamins and calcium, which assist in development and improvement of kid particularly after one yr, of breast feeding. Three serving of dairy meals or 350-400 ml of milk is really helpful between the age of 1 to a few years of the kids.

Improved bone well being: Milk and dairy meals are excellent supply of protein calcium and vitamin which is crucial for bone development and improvement. Milk calcium is well absorbable and digested within the physique i.e. milk and milk merchandise are dependable supply of calcium. Regular consumption in really helpful dose will assist in sustaining the bone and muscle mass, and end in life lengthy wholesome bone mass. 

Blood strain regulation and cardiovascular Health: Milk comprises potassium, magnesium and calcium ions which assist in regulation of fluid and electrolyte steadiness. Potassium ion specifically play fairly necessary position in stopping coronary heart stroke, and sustaining wholesome blood strain. American dietary tips have additionally really helpful three serving of low-fat milk, yoghurt or cheese on common foundation every day. Milk and milk merchandise additionally include some bioactive peptides which regulate the blood strain by ACE inhibitory exercise and cease the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. It has been investigated by varied research that individuals who embody milk and dairy meals in common food regimen has decrease danger of heart problems and kind 2 diabetes.

Improvement of intestine well being: Fermented dairy merchandise and probiotic drinks have optimistic influence on intestine well being and improves the digestive system, probiotic drink contains the dwell bacterial tradition which aids in digestion, prevents development of pathogenic microorganism, i.e. Prevents the number of intestinal illnesses like IBS, inflammatory bowel illness and improve the immune system. Probiotic drinks are fairly standard drink amongst health trade. Fermented dairy merchandise repair the issue of lactose intolerance, the place lactose sugar has been metabolized by the microorganism.

Women after menopause are extra susceptible to osteoporotic fracture due to low dietary protein and calcium consumption, protein consumption has been seen to be related to calcium absorption and are related to bone mass, ladies after menopause are 4 time extra susceptible to osteoporosis than man, though older man are additionally inclined. So, balanced food regimen is sort of necessary to resolve this drawback, particularly at older age. Researchers investigated that protein and calcium in dairy meals play a crucial position in upkeep of bone density and muscle mass in elder folks i.e. cut back the danger of osteoporosis. Studies have proven that common consumption of fats free or low-fat dairy merchandise no less than three serving a day present important vitamins for bone and muscle well being, decreased the danger of development of arthritis and osteoporosis in older folks.

Whey protein drinks are fairly standard dairy product for bodybuilders and health trade, due to its bioavailability and dietary properties. Whey protein is wealthy supply of branched chain amino acid, that are metabolized instantly into the muscle tissue. Whey protein are good supply of leucine important amino acid which promotes muscle protein synthesis and therefore the muscle mass. Whey protein contains varied protein like β-lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase and so forth., which have anti-carcinogenic, immunomodulatory, and antimicrobial properties. Whey protein has been studied to enhance insulin sensitivity, which decrease the fats deposition.

Anticarcinogenic exercise: Calcium and vitamin D are current in milk are investigated to presumably cut back the danger of colon, prostate and breast most cancers in people. Calcium defend the intestine lining by oxidising motion of fatty acid and bile acid by binding and solubilizing them i.e. forestall direct contact with colon or rectal wall. Whereas, Vitamin D verify cell development proliferation. Vitamin D can also be related to manufacturing of serotonin hormone which impact the temper, sleep and urge for food. Vitamin D fortified milk has additionally been produced by manufactures to realize its well being advantages.

Prevention of Tooth decay and oral hygiene: Milk and dairy merchandise consumption are studied to decrease the incidence of plaque formation and dental carries (tooth decay) by lowering the oral acidity and stimulating the saliva manufacturing.


Milk and milk merchandise are integral a part of our balanced food regimen regime, attributable to its dietary composition and well being advantages. Milk merchandise are the prime alternative of researchers as of late for improvement of purposeful meals, furthermore fats free or decrease fats dairy merchandise are appropriate for all age teams together with youngsters, adults and elder folks. Fermented dairy merchandise will also be consumed by peoples having lactose intolerance. Milk and milk merchandise assist in prevention and management of varied illnesses.


Dr. Dinesh Kumar *

* Veterinary Surgeon (Government of Haryana)

Dr. Rajender Kumar **

** ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, Haryana

Shailesh Kumar Meena***

***Research Scholar ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, Haryana



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