Pre-Monsoon Rains

From March 1 to April 25, India Meteorological Data reveals that twenty states had acquired inadequate pre-monsoon rain. The shortage of rain in these two months prolongs warmth wave situations, leaves vegatables and fruits weak to warmth stress, and has the potential to wreck sugar cane and cotton irrigation, in addition to pre-kharif sowing operations.

Experts say that many river basins have acquired no rain in any respect this season, whereas many others have had inadequate to completely poor rains, placing additional pressure on dam water consumption. In India, pre-monsoon rain accounts for roughly 11% of the nation’s yearly rainfall.

“If a river basin receives little or no rainfall, reservoirs in such basins would be under increased strain to provide water for diverse population demands,” a senior IMD official instructed TOI. It will finally have an effect on dam water ranges.” “Good pre-monsoon rains would possibly end in decrease demand for dam water for agricultural irrigation, as was witnessed within the pre-monsoon season of 2021,” said HV Gunale, chief engineer of the water assets division, Pune division.

Dam ranges, however, aren’t closely influenced by pre-monsoon precipitation. The water ranges in Pune’s reservoirs at the moment are satisfactory.” Good pre-monsoon rain, according to L S Rathore, former director-general of IMD, tends to minimise overall stress on drinking water sources. “While these rains could not vastly replenish dam ranges, well timed showers throughout this season can help horticulture, gardens, and orchards meet their water wants,” he famous.

The majority of Maharashtra’s river basins have had little to no rainfall, or have had important rainfall deficits. Pre-monsoon showers assist long-term crops like sugar cane and cotton, in line with Rathore. He went on to say that they will help alleviate warmth stress in greens, fruit crops, and forest plantations. Pre-monsoon rains, he claims, assist to alleviate scorching situations. “There have been few pre-monsoon periods this time, which may explain why there has been no relief from the high day temperatures,” Rathore added.

“Good pre-monsoon rainfall, especially in May, might be a benefit for pre-kharif operations,” mentioned Kripan Ghosh, head of agriculture meteorology division, IMD, Pune. These rains, however, will help crops like mango and greens keep away from warmth stress. If there may be inadequate irrigation in areas of northern Maharashtra, heatwave situations would possibly have an effect on crops. Pre-monsoon rains may be helpful in sure conditions.”

First printed on: 26 Apr 2022, 10:54 IST



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