Krishna Kamal Plant has one of the distinctive & extraordinarily attractive trying flowers. 

It is named Passion Flower in english.   

This plant has a spiritual significance to it as properly attributable to its analogy with Mahabharat. 

As the 5 yellow petals are mentioned to be the Pandavas surrounded by 100 blue filaments (kauravas). The yellow green-stamens are speculated to be Sudarshna Chakra that belonged to Krishna Ji. 

And attributable to this analogy it received its title.

In this put up, you’ll study to develop this mystical plant at house, its advantages and methods to take care of it. 

Table of Content 

  • Flowering Season of Krishna Kamal
  • Krishna Kamal Plant Care
  • Vastu & Benefits of Krishna Kamal Plant 
  • How to develop at Home?

Krishna Kamal Flowering Season? 

The flowering season of Krishna Kamal is Summers. This is the time while you get to expertise the gorgeous blooms of krishna kamal. 

Its flowers are aromatic and look magical to be trustworthy.

Make positive to offer it with good daylight throughout this era and fertilize it with good compost (like this one). 

Although don’t expose it to the cruel afternoon daylight as it could actually harm the plant.  

Krishna Kamal Plant Care 

Krishna Kamal Flower

Why is my Krishna Kamal Not Flowering? 

The cause behind Krishna Kamal not flowering is due to not offering it sufficient direct daylight. Krishna kamal plant requires 4-6 hours of direct daylight to bloom correctly. 

Another cause could be not feeding it with good fertilizer throughout its blooming interval. 

This plant requires common feeding, for this you possibly can feed it with a great fertilizer like this in a spot of 15-20 days. 


Krishna Kamal is a solar loving plant and does one of the best with 4-6 hours of direct daylight.

So, decide a spot the place it enjoys solar for a great period of time. 

But be sure it isn’t uncovered to the afternoon solar within the summers as it could actually injury the leaves & flowers of the plant. 


The soil for the krishna kamal plant ought to be wealthy, properly draining but in addition be capable to maintain moisture for a very long time. 

You can add vermicompost now and again to maintain this plant wholesome and in addition including mulch helps so much because it retains moisture for an extended time. 

I would suggest this potting soil for Krishna Kamal and a great vermicompost like this one

Apart from you can make your personal potting soil at house with the next ratio: 

  • Garden Soil – 30%
  • Coco Peat – 30%
  • Vermicompost – 30%
  • Sand – 10%

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How to Water It? 

It requires moist soil to thrive one of the best, for this you need to often water it every time the highest layer of the soil will get dry.  

Water it deeply in order that water comes out of the drainage holes.

Add some mulch in the course of the summer season season to retain moisture. 

These vegetation can’t deal with drought like scenario, so by no means let the soil dry to an ideal extent or else you possibly can lose this plant. 

You ought to water it each time the soil feels dry to the touch.  

The frequency of watering will get lesser in winter because the plant gained’t soak up a lot water. 


Passion flowers are heavy feeders and it’s best to maintain feeding them with good compost each 2 months for more healthy progress and improve the frequency simply earlier than its blooming season. 

You can feed them with all goal fertilizer for general progress or make your personal compost at house from kitchen waste.

Krishna Kamal Plant Benefits & Vastu

Benefits of Krishna Kamal 

  • Tea made with Krishna kamal flowers helps in nervousness, insomnia and ache.  
  • Also its perfume is meant to deliver positivity within the environment, and good temper.
Vastu & Benefits of Krishna Kamal

According to Vastu, Krishna Kamal plant ought to be positioned in an East or South East location.

How to Grow Krishna Kamal at Home? 

You can develop Krishna Kamal vegetation at house in pots, by means of seeds or slicing strategies. 

Seed Method

To develop it from seeds, you want a number of mature seeds and permit them to dry, one of the best time to develop it’s spring season. 

Before sowing the seeds, soak them in a single day for a greater germination charge. 

Take a small pot, fill it with wealthy potting soil and sprinkle the seeds over it. 

Gently faucet them, keep away from burying them inside soil as they want quite a lot of mild to germinate.

Now frivolously sprinkle it and ensure to not dislocate the seeds. 

Cover the pot with a plastic bag to retain moisture.

And maintain it in partial shade in order that it’s by no means uncovered to direct daylight on this fragile stage. 

It will begin germinating in 15-20 days, if every little thing goes properly.


For the slicing methodology, you want a number of wholesome cuttings of 6 inches, once more put together a pot and sow these cuttings in it.  

And maintain these cuttings away from direct daylight and keep moist soil for more often than not.  

Although it’s best to purchase this plant from native nursery because it takes a painfully very long time to develop it from both of the strategies.  


I hope you could have realized quite a lot of attention-grabbing issues about Krishna Kamal Plant by means of this text.

Do be sure to ask any query if in case you have and in addition inform me your favourite factor about this plant.

Until then glad gardening.


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