Lajalu is thought for its uncommon leaves phenomena. But, are you aware what does Lajalu Plant in English referred to as? Check this text to know extra.

Lajalu or touch-me-not is a plant whose leaves are delicate to any form of contact. So, study every thing about Lajalu Plant in English and its rising information. 

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What is Lajalu Plant?

Lajalu plant is native to America, however now it has been naturalized in tropical areas, particularly in India as nicely. It is a creeping flowering plant that grows quickly in a brief time frame. It earned such a reputation as a result of its leaves fold again and shut upon touching. The response of the leaves may be very speedy when touched by the arms. The plant bears inexperienced, fern-like leaves, prickly stems, and pink-colored flowers, that are pollinated by wind.

Lajalu Plant in English

English Names: Touch-me-not, Shame plant, Sensitive plant, Action plant, Sleepy Plant, Humble Plant

Hindi Names: Chui mui, Laajwanti, Jharera, Jhalai, Mukkutti, Jhullipuspa, Lajjawati, Reesamani, Nachike Mullu, Tottalavadi

Botanical Name: Mimosa pudica

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Propagation of Lajalu Plant

Lajalu could be grown from seeds as nicely, however stem reducing is the preferred manner of its propagation.

From Cutting

You can take a woody stem reducing from a wholesome lajalu plant throughout springs and summers. Apply rooting hormone to the reduce portion. Then, plant this reducing in a container stuffed with normal soil media. Mist the soil evenly, and place the container at any vivid, oblique daylight location. Monitor the reducing for any new shoots improvement for the following 2-3 weeks.

How to Grow Touch Me Not Plant

Lajalu Plant in English 2


This plant is keen on loads of daylight, so usually, it does greatest in 6-8 hours of full daylight every day. Besides, it will possibly thrive in partial daylight as nicely.


The plant can adapt to a variety of soil sorts; nonetheless, it admires unfastened, well-draining, and moist soil. You may even put together the potting combine by mixing two elements of loamy soil, two elements of peat moss, and one a part of sand.


This plant responds nicely to the temperature vary of 18-25 °C. It can’t tolerate excessive warmth or chilly, so contemplate defending the plant by bringing it indoors through the harsh summers or winters.


Water the plant commonly through the lively development interval of springs and summers. Water the soil deeply and completely every time the topsoil feels dry to the touch. Also, scale back the watering charge through the wet and winter seasons.

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Care for Touch-Me-Not

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This plant advantages from the applying of all-purpose liquid fertilizer as soon as each month through the rising section. You can enrich the soil high quality by working with compost through the spring season. It’s suggested to cease feeding the plant through the winter months.


If left unchecked, contact me not grow to be leggy; so snip off all of the branches that look misplaced on a periodic foundation. Also, after the flowering interval, contemplate trimming all of the lifeless, diseased, and broken stems from the plant.

Special Care for Winters

When the temperature drops beneath the crucial level, it’s really helpful to carry the pots indoors. You ought to mulch the bottom utilizing dry leaves, straw, or barks for backyard vegetation. Avoid putting the plant close to the window through the time of chilly drafts. Also, keep away from protecting the plant close to the heating vent or radiator if saved indoors.

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Pests and Diseases

Touch me not plant is prone to scales and aphids assault typically, however you’ll be able to simply deter them off with the applying of neem oil or cleaning soap answer as soon as each two weeks. Make positive to keep away from extra watering, as this plant is delicate to root rot and different fungal points.


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