Looking for a simple option to develop Thuja plant at house? Then, this text on Morpankhi Plant Propagation and Vastu Tips would be the proper decide.

Morpankhi or Vidya plant wants no introduction as it’s an integral a part of nearly each Indian house. So, this text on Morpankhi Plant Propagation and Vastu Tips will apprise you of its right manner of rising.

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What is Morpankhi Plant?

Morpankhi is a fast-growing, evergreen plant that’s indigenous to America and Asia. Commonly referred to as the Thuja plant, Morpankhi is famend for its columnar-shaped development and the needle-like leaves which have non secular significance. Many gardeners use this plant as a privateness display screen, whereas some think about it a promising plant as per Vastu perspective.

Botanical Name: Platycladus orientalis

Common Names: Morpankhi, Thuja, Vidhya plant, Oriental thuja, Oriental arborvitae, Mayurpankhi, Lairikheibi

Morpankhi Plant Propagation and Vastu Tips

1. Morpankhi plant ought to all the time be positioned or planted on the home entrance. However, the north or east course is essentially the most handy for its placement.

2. The placement of Morpankhi plant in the best course cancels every kind of Vastu dosha in the home.

3. Thuja plant brings good luck to its proprietor, because it will increase riches, knowledge, and prosperity.

4. A faculty of thought says that Morpankhi ought to be planted in a pair of two because it bestows the couple with blissful married life.

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How to Grow Thuja Plant from Cutting

Morpankhi Plant Propagation and Vastu Tips 2

Morpankhi plant can be grown from seeds, nevertheless it has a decrease success fee. So, primarily morpankhi plant is propagated by means of reducing.

From Cutting

  1. Snip off a 5-6 inches lengthy reducing proper under the set of needles throughout the summers since branches of this plant are agency but versatile throughout this timespan.
  2. Trim off the needles from the decrease one-third of the reducing and apply rooting hormone to the lower portion.
  3. Take a pot and fill it with sterile potting combine. You may even take a combination containing equal components of peat moss and river sand.
  4. Plant the reducing within the potting soil deep sufficient to maintain the stem upright.
  5. Moisten the soil properly and wrap the container with plastic to retain moisture and heat inside.
  6. Mist the soil recurrently as this plant grows properly when nurtured with ample moisture.
  7. Place the container at any brilliant place however away from direct daylight. The reducing grows finest across the 2o C temperature.
  8. You will witness the expansion of latest shoots after a few weeks.

Growing Requirements of Morpankhi Plant

Morpankhi Plant Propagation and Vastu Tips 3
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The plant does properly in full solar to half shade each. So, find Thuja at any sunny place the place it will possibly obtain 4-6 hours of daylight. But throughout the summers, maintain the plant at a semi-shade location; else the leaves can burn within the scorching solar.


The plant does finest in persistently moist however not soggy soil. So, maintain the soil well-moist all the time, and water the plant deeply each time topsoil feels dry to the touch. It is healthier to water the plant within the morning and night to keep away from water transpiration.


Surprisingly, the plant can do properly in a variety of soil varieties, together with chalky. However, any moist, well-draining, free, and fertile soil with a pH round 6.8-7.5 would be the finest guess. You can take common potting soil or sterile backyard soil, however amend it with natural matter like compost or cow dung manure previous to planting.


You can initially begin with a 6-8 inches deep pot and re-pot it in a bigger container as soon as it appears root-bound. The plant has a fast development fee, so you possibly can re-pot it throughout the springs or summers. Also, ensure the pot you select has ample drainage holes within the backside.

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Morpankhi Plant Care

Morpankhi Plant Propagation and Vastu Tips 4


It is beneficial to feed the Morpankhi plant with a liquid, balanced fertilizer like NPK 19:19:19 throughout the rising season of springs and summers. You can fertilize as soon as each two weeks for the perfect outcomes. Stop feeding this plant throughout winters.


Thuja doesn’t require any important pruning as a result of it naturally grows right into a exceptional columnar form. However, some gardeners develop this plant for hedges, so some pruning could be accomplished to maintain its measurement and form in test.


The plant likes ample moisture; thus, to stop water loss from the soil, including a layer of straw, leaves, bark chips, or pine needles on the base is beneficial. This mulch will maintain the soil cool and moist for a chronic interval and can stop water loss.


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