Wondering if the jade plant might be grown within the water or not? Then, go forward to seek out all the small print on Propagating Jade Plant in Water.


The Jade plant has marked a daring assertion on the planet of gardening, because of its spectacular look and easy-to-grow nature. Propagating this stylish plant in water is a no brainer and hassle-free methodology. Learn all the pieces about Propagating Jade Plant in Water within the detailed article beneath!

Can the Jade Cutting be Propagated in Water?

Jade cuttings are typically propagated in soil because of their excessive success price. However, propagating a jade reducing in water appears difficult because of its root rot tendency. While it’s however a delusion, because the plant roots don’t rot due to the water content material however the fungal infestation and pathogens that thrive in a moist environment.

 But, fungal and pathogens assaults are minimal as there is no such thing as a such development within the plain water surroundings, particularly when you replenish it periodically.

Propagating Jade Cutting in Water


You can propagate jade in water both from the stem or leaf reducing.


  • Sanitized shear or scissors
  • Glass vessel like cup, jar, or bottle
  • Plain water

From Stem Cutting

  1. Using shear, take 2-4 inches stem reducing from a wholesome jade plant. Let it dry for 4-5 days till it types a callus.
  2. Now, fill 1/third of a glass vessel with plain water.
  3. Put the reducing within the vessel in order that the underside half touches the water floor, however doesn’t sink in it. This manner, the reducing will get ample moisture to develop new roots with out rotting.
  4. Place the vessel at any spot with brilliant, oblique daylight. Change the water as soon as every week or when it appears soiled.
  5. You will see the formation of the brand new roots in 3-4 weeks.
  6. Once it develops ample roots, you’ll be able to switch the reducing right into a container full of potting media.

From Leaf Cutting 

  1. Pull again a wholesome leaf from the jade plant by twisting backwards and forwards. Ensure to get the entire leaf, together with some base hooked up to the stem. If the leaf is damaged from the center or backside, it won’t root.
  2. Let the leaf dry for a few days till it types a callus.
  3. Now, fill half a cup with plain water.
  4. Set the leaf on the rim in order that the leaf base rests above the water floor with out sinking.
  5. Place the cup in a brilliant place, and add the water at any time when wanted.
  6. The leaf-cutting will develop new pink shoots in 3-4 weeks. Then you’ll be able to transplant the reducing into the soil after drying it.

Important Points to Remember

  • Prefer altering the water at common intervals as an alternative of including aspirin or charcoal tablets to water.
  • Use clear, filtered water. If faucet water is mineral-laden, let it sit in a single day to settle the undesirable minerals.
  • Do not switch the plant to direct daylight, as it could end in a sudden shock, inhibiting plant development.
  • Once the roots have developed, let the cuttings dry for just a few hours earlier than transferring them to the soil.


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