About Pudina:

Pudina is the preferred kitchen herb in India together with Coriander. The scientific title of Pudina is Mentha spicata subsp. spicata, and it belongs to household Lamiaceae (The mint household). Pudina is often often called Garden mint in English. While different mint varieties are excessive upkeep, Pudina could be grown effortlessly in India.

Pudina plant:

Pudina is a wonderful tender trying fragrant herb. This perennial plant can develop as much as 30 cm in top and largely spreads horizontally. The plant is so prevalent in Indian gardens that typically it’s additionally discovered rising wild in locations with moist soil. It is an integral a part of kitchen gardens in India, the place it’s grown for culinary and medicinal properties.

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Growing Pudina:

Pudina could be simply propagated by root division through the rains. In a really tiny nook of your backyard, the roots positioned on the distance 4-6 inches can cowl the entire space in about 3-4 weeks. Usually, Pudina is planted in moist soils underneath a tree, on raised beds or close to irrigation channels of a backyard. But it’s a good suggestion to develop Pudina individually in a container, grow-bag or a hanging basket.

Pudina will also be grown by sowing seeds. It’s easy, straightforward & gratifying.

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Uses of Pudina in summers and past:

Pudina makes probably the most scrumptious ‘Chutney’ or a supply when the leaves are floor superb together with uncooked mango or pomegranate seeds or lemon juice. This chutney has an incredible cooling impact on our physique in summers. Menthol and peppermint oil can be extracted from Pudina leaves. Pudina flavour could be very common in meals gadgets like Pulao, Biryani & Parathas. Pudina leaves are utilized in garnishing dishes, lemonade and different refreshing drinks.

  1. Consuming Pudina leaves in summers will deal with the next:
  • It prevents or cures the spasms precipitated attributable to dehydration.
  • It relieves pains from the abdomen and bowels which are precipitated attributable to gases.
  • Pudina strengthens and offers tone to the abdomen, lowering acidity & indigestion.
  • It is used as an power stimulant and tonic.
  • Pudina considerably lowers the inner physique warmth.

Pudina can be used within the remedy of jaundice, irritation of the prostate, gallstones, vomiting, painful menstrual intervals, a illness of uterus, and infections of the throat.

  1. The essence of Pudina plant is used to remedy a toothache & as a mouth freshener.
  2. Children that suffer from intestinal parasites (worms) are given Pudina tea as an support.
  3. The crushed leaves of Pudina cool the exterior physique warmth when utilized to the pores and skin.
  4. The decoction of leaves is added to tub water for itching pores and skin situations that happen in summers.

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Apart from this, Pudina on the entire, kinds an integral a part of many Ayurvedic & natural medicines associated to illnesses talked about above. Pudina reduces the impact of ‘Kafa’ & ‘Vata’ on the physique.

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Happy Gardening and a Happy Summer!




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