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Aging is a pure phenomenon and managed by numerous elements, which can be intrinsic or extrinsic in nature. Extrinsic elements embrace vitamin. Nutrition performs a really crucial position in ageing course of. Undernutrition or malnutrition fasten the ageing course of.

As we grow old our metabolism and power requirement lower. Food consumption additionally decreases with age due to lowered digestion. So, engaging in power, vitamin and mineral requirement at older age is critically essential. The weight loss program must be properly balanced, which may give all of the important important vitamins, minerals, and nutritional vitamins. The greatest strategy is that the weight loss program ought to comprise extensive number of meals, together with fruit, greens, dairy, and protein-rich meals.   

Importance of dairy meals in geriatric weight loss program

Healthy muscle and bone mass might be maintained with the correct consumption of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. The dietary deficiency of those key important vitamins might result in sarcopenia in aged. Milk and milk merchandise are a very good supply of those vitamins subsequently, it’s helpful to incorporate these in geriatric vitamin. No fats or low-fat dairy merchandise are an amazing supply of high-quality casein and whey protein, which has glorious muscle-building properties. Whey protein constituents like α‐lactalbumin, β‐ lactoglobulin, BSA, lactoferrin, numerous peptones, and bioactive peptides has a wide range of helpful roles in numerous organic course of, thus might be helpful in administration of geriatric well being points related to improper vitamin or undernutrition.

Reduced-fat dairy merchandise that are considerably low in power however wealthy in calcium, vitamin D and proteins, is a nutritious diet choice for peoples with sarcopenia. It has been noticed that milk proteins (whey and casein) have higher muscle-building capability as in comparison with plant proteins. Therefore, the danger of sarcopenia might be alleviated in elders with the consumption of milk and dairy merchandise.

In specific, a balanced weight loss program together with common consumption of nutrient-rich milk and milk merchandise will scale back muscle degeneration, will increase bone density, and scale back the incidence of metabolic and persistent ailments within the aged inhabitants.  

Fermented milk merchandise like yoghurt might be integrated in a wholesome geriatric weight loss program. It is produced by fermentation with Lactobacillus delbrueckii, L. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus micro organism. Yoghurt is well digestible product with number of vitamins in bioavailable kind, and might be consumed by lactose illiberal folks. It improves the gut well being by inhibiting the putrefactive bacterial fermentation and growing the great intestinal flora.

Probiotics are dwell microorganism that may play an important position in geriatric vitamin. Probiotics (normally lactobacilli and bifidobacteria) tradition has been seen to have well being selling mechanism by enhancing the intestine flora. Probiotic improves digestive well being and immune system i.e. shield them from infectious illness. Probiotics prevents the attachment of dangerous or pathogenic micro organism to the intestinal lining. Prebiotic are one other helpful practical meals product made up of fructo-oligosaccharides and inulin, which assist in development of pleasant endogenous intestinal micro organism. Both probiotic and prebiotic collectively could also be extraordinarily useful in aged in combating malnutrition, and downside of lactose intolerance. 

Thus, each can enhance the well being and high quality of life in aged folks. After the age of 60 to 65, regular physique capabilities like bowl actions and immune system are challenged, in older peoples. Probiotic and prebiotic are useful in preventive digestive points (constipation and diarrhoea) and improves the immune response in aged. Probiotic assist in assuaging antibiotic-associated diarrheas in aged. Symbiotic is used when probiotics and prebiotics are used collectively for attaining well being advantages. 

Geriatric or elder folks meals have to be wealthy in protein however much less in fats and carbohydrate, to compensate the muscle protein breakdown and degeneration. Concentrated or remoted whey and casein protein have totally different well being advantages as in comparison with when these proteins are consumed because the constituent of complete dairy product. When these proteins are consumed in concentrated or remoted kind, they’ve lowered energy, due to eliminated fats and carbohydrate as in comparison with complete dairy product akin to milk, paneer or yoghurt. Whey protein isolates have much less glycaemic index and tends to launch extra insulin as in comparison with different protein wealthy meals or dietary supplements akin to soy, egg, fish protein, ham, gluten, cheese and many others.

Elevated blood strain is a critical well being concern in elder folks. High blood strain might be deadly and should result in warmth stroke or assault. Continuous hypertension might trigger renal downside. Dairy and dairy merchandise comprise potassium, which might be useful to manage blood strain. Regular consumption of dairy meals can keep the wholesome potassium degree in physique of elders and may prevents them from numerous cardiovascular and renal illness.

Oxidative stress in elders might trigger Alzheimer’s illness and should fasten up the ageing course of because of mobile demise. Dairy meals are a wealthy supply of glutathione which is an antioxidant and might be helpful to cut back oxidative stress and numerous well being downside related to it. Dairy merchandise are additionally a very good supply of phosphorus, vitamin B2, and vitamin B12 that are important for mobile regeneration and bone well being.


Sarcopenia is consequence of undernutrition or malnutrition in older age. Its incidence price will increase with growing age. It is noticed that incidence price is 30% above 60 years and round 50% above 80 years. Sarcopenia happens when protein degradation is greater than protein synthesis. There could also be numerous causes for discount of muscle mass and energy at older age together with hormonal change, undernutrition, and lowered work out and many others. Undernutrition is a crucial issue which results essentially the most.

Limitations of consuming dairy meals as geriatric weight loss program

Dairy and dairy merchandise are excessive power meals, due to excessive fats and carbohydrate content material current in it, except they’re low fats or fat-free e.g. cheese and paneer. Milk and milk merchandise are much less or no fibre meals. Fibre must be integrated in type of fruit and greens together with dairy meals in geriatric weight loss program as a part of nutritious diet regime. High fats and protein meals take extra time to digest i.e. meals keep for extra time in gut, results in increased water absorption and as a consequence constipation. Lactose illiberal folks have downside consuming dairy meals, except they’re lactose free or fermented. Heavy consumption of dairy and dairy meals might result in diarrhoea in elders.


 The aged have numerous challenges like slower metabolism, lowered urge for food, restricted weight loss program choice and many others. In such circumstances, the geriatric weight loss program must be properly balanced, and wholesome with all of the important important vitamins to take care of muscle and bone well being, and to stop numerous metabolic and persistent illness. Dairy and practical dairy meals if integrated in weight loss program on common foundation together with more healthy fruit, greens and grains, may help ours aged to age higher.


Dr. Dinesh Kumar *

* Veterinary Surgeon (Government of Haryana)

Dr. Rajender Kumar **

* ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, Haryana


***Research Scholar, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, Haryana



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