Are you fascinated with the beautiful look of royal palm, and planning to develop one in your yard? Then, these royal palm care ideas are for you.

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The Royal palm tree is understood for introducing tropical heights to the landscapes. So, try this text to know every thing about Royal Palm Care.

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What is Royal Palm?

The sculpted look of the trunk and a cover of palm leaves of the royal palm offers out a creative impression within the gardens. Belonging to the tropical and subtropical climatic areas, the Royal Palm tree rising zone contains United States, Australia, and southern Asia. It is a tall and straight rising tree that may develop as tall as 25-feet tall in favorable circumstances. The tree is understood for its self-cleaning properties, because the dying and yellowing leaves naturally shed from the mature tree.

Botanical Name: Roystonea regia

Common Names: Royal palm, Cuban Royal Palm

How to Grow a Royal Palm Tree from Seed

You should buy high quality seeds from the native vendor, however the recent seeds collected from the fruit of the palm plant present the most effective outcomes. Once the fruit ripens and turns into brown, you’ll be able to harvest the fruit. Take out the fruit capsule, and let it dry for a few days at any shady place. Then, extract the seeds with fingers from the fruit capsule. Start with a small 4-6 inches pot or seed beginning tray and fill it with a combination of peat and perlite. Dig a gap within the soil, and sow the seeds barely deep. It is advisable to sow a number of seeds, as not each seed may germinate. Cover the seeds with soil and mist adequately. Place the pot at any shaded location. The seedling will emerge after a few weeks. Once the seedling develops 2-3 leaves, you’ll be able to transplant it right into a everlasting container.

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Royal Palm Growing Requirements

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Royal palm belongs to the tropics, and due to this fact it’s keen on loads of daylight. So, place this palm the place it could obtain 5-6 hours of daylight day by day.


The plant is reasonably drought, due to this fact, it could tolerate low watering to some extent. As a thumb rule, water the plant recurrently each time the topsoil feels dry to the touch. Make certain to supply further watering through the dry spells. Once the plant turns into established, it is going to handle its watering wants by itself.


This palm can adapt nicely to a variety of soil sorts, together with sandy and salty. But, it’s best apply to develop it in free, well-draining, and fertile soil, so any industrial potting soil will probably be an awesome decide. You can even use a combination of perlite and peat moss. If the soil is clay-like or compact, then take into account amending it with compost or cow dung manure.


This is a tropical plant and appreciates heat temperatures to thrive. So, the temperature starting from round 25-35 C works nicely for this palm plant.

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Royal Palm Care

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Royal palm must be fed with a water-soluble fertilizer formulated explicitly for palm vegetation. You can apply the fertilizer as soon as each 2-weeks through the rising part of springs and summers.


The tree is self-cleaning in nature; due to this fact, the dying leaves naturally fall aside from the tree. However, take into account pruning the useless, broken, diseased leaves or branches from the plant periodically throughout a younger age.

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Pests and Diseases

Although the plant is comparatively freed from pests and ailments, it could typically catch a fungal illness referred to as Ganoderma butt rot. As a preventive method, keep away from overwatering the plant and stop holding the plant moist ft for an prolonged interval.


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