Widely cultivated for his or her superb waxy flowers, Hoyas are additionally a well-liked and versatile houseplant selection due to their various array of foliage sorts and their potential to adapt to assorted gentle circumstances indoors. Some Hoyas can develop to an infinite dimension indoors – about 6m lengthy – whereas others stay extra compact.

Try rising varieties that function attention-grabbing textural foliage akin to H.carnosa ‘Indian Rope’ or ‘Krimson Queen.’

Where to Grow Hoya at Home?

Thick waxy leaves on lengthy trailing stems may be educated to develop up a construction or wires. When left to develop by itself, the Hoya plant will cascade over surfaces.

Hoya Flowers:

The plant options really beautiful umbrella-shaped clusters of sweetly aromatic, porcelain star-shaped flowers. A mix of vibrant gentle and excessive humidity encourages flowering indoors. Buy flowering crops on-line in India.

Close up of Hoya flower

Watering Hoya Plant:

In hotter months, water usually, about each two weeks, retaining the soil moist however not moist. In winter, water each three weeks, permitting the soil to dry out for longer in between watering. Wrinkly leaves are a sign that its time to water. Read about recommendations on watering houseplants.

Light Conditions for Hoya Plant:

For optimum flowering indoors, select a vibrant place, however not direct solar. Darker, green-leafed sorts quite than variegated ones adapt higher to shaded or filtered gentle.

Climbing hoya plant growing under appropriate sunlight

Fertilizer for Hoya Plant:

Apply slow-release fertilizer as soon as each six months and liquid fertilizer each three weeks throughout hotter months to encourage sooner, more healthy progress.

Hoya Plant Propagation:

Hoyas are simple to develop from cuttings taken in spring and summer season. Take stems 15-20 cms lengthy with two or extra leaves and place in a glass of water or a pot of moist potting combine. When roots type, pot the plant right into a small container.

Remember that Hoyas don’t thoughts being root-bound. They will stay fortunately in the identical 12-cm pot for years, offered they’re fed and watered adequately. When repotting, solely upsize a number of centimeters.

Hoya plant propagation

Maintaining the Hoya Plant:

Enjoy the beautiful starry blooms, however don’t cut-off spent flowers as Hoyas re-flower from the identical spur yearly.

Styling Hoya Plants Indoors:

Place Hoyas on excessive cabinets and allow them to develop freely. Hoyas look phenomenal as hanging crops so observe down attention-grabbing hanging planters from ugaoo.com and plant your hoyas in them.

White hoya flowers for home decor

Happy Gardening!

Reference: Gardening Australia (Magazine)




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