In trendy days, many of the working professionals spend extra time on their workplace desk than some other place. We all have tried retaining a reside plant subsequent on our working or finding out desk with various diploma of success. Why not take it even additional.

Let’s take a look at numerous methods by which you are able to do tabletop gardening:

1. Terrarium:

Growing reside vegetation inside a glass enclosure is named a terrarium. In terrariums, you’ll be able to mimic pure panorama or a panorama backyard in a glass bowl. Even an unused aquarium fish tank may be transformed right into a terrarium.

Styles and themes of terrarium:

  • Oriental terrarium
  • Sand artwork terrarium
  • Beach design
  • Desert theme
  • Carnivorous (vegetation) terrarium

Plants appropriate for the terrarium: Earth star, Haworthia, Ferns, Fittonia, Hypoestes.

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terrarium gardening

2. Bottle Garden:

This is a kind of closed terrarium the place glass enclosure is a bottle with a slim opening. In bottle backyard humidity loving, indoor miniature vegetation may be grown. Once efficiently made, the bottle backyard doesn’t want any watering and upkeep. Bottle backyard may be made in any bottle with clear, thick, clean and textureless glass with none coating.  

Plants appropriate for bottle backyard: Mini Syngonium, Peperomia, Baby’s tear.

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Mini garden in glass bottle

3. Dish Garden:

Plants may be grown on a shallow decorative dish. Usually, a ceramic dish is used to make a dish backyard, however a dish made up of some other materials can be taken. There isn’t any have to make any drainage holes on dish backyard as it’s imagined to be positioned on the indoor tabletop the place there isn’t a scope for water dripping & out.

The base meeting for dish backyard is much like that of terrarium; nevertheless, a lot bigger vegetation can be utilized in dish backyard and their ore floor space out there for adornment.

Plants appropriate for dish backyard: Spathiphyllum, Anthurium, Aralia, Crassula mini

Mini garden for table top

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4. Tray panorama:

While the dish backyard is confined to a small dish, a tray panorama covers the a lot bigger space, and there may be extra scope for making theme primarily based improvement.

Tray panorama may be made in standard trays or specialised landscaping trays which have customized design molds. Tray panorama may be made on a brief foundation throughout particular occasions, festivals or exhibitions. Apart from miniature vegetation, there may be extra deal with ornamental materials like stones, sculptures, and pebbles as properly.

Plants appropriate for tray panorama: Chlorophytum, Rhoeo, Kalanchoe.

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Tray gardening

Essential Tips for Tabletop Gardening:

  • The desk spot you choose ought to be a vivid location getting oblique daylight, ideally close to a window.
  • The containers chosen for tabletop gardening shouldn’t have any drainage holes within the backside.
  • The tabletop backyard is watered by misting the pants and soil by hand sprayer solely. Water is sprayed and never showered by watering can or hose pipe.
  • Plants in a tabletop backyard ought to be primarily protected against fungal an infection.
  • Good previous fortunate bamboo all the time works when there isn’t a scope for even tabletop gardening.

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Happy Gardening!




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