Ghol Fish

Many folks is perhaps shocked by the public sale of three fish for Rs 2.25 lakh on the Neendakara fishing harbor, as a result of the Ghol fish, which have the least probability of getting caught within the fishermen’s web, was caught after which offered available in the market.

The Ghol fish, typically often called the ‘Sea Gold,’ is present in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Odisha’s coastal areas. In international locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan, they’re in excessive demand. The Ghol fish is the world’s costliest sea fish, and its value is decided by its measurement and weight.

What makes Ghol fish the most costly fish?

The bladder found within the abdomen of the Ghol fish was used to make the thread utilized in many procedures, together with coronary heart surgical procedure. It can be claimed that the fish might help with immunity, sexual efficiency, and kidney stone elimination. Iodine, Omega-3, iron, magnesium, fluoride, and selenium are all present in Ghol fish.

The nutritional vitamins, minerals, and lipids included in Ghol fish might help enhance imaginative and prescient and muscle efficiency. Collagen included within the lipids of the fish helps to cut back wrinkles within the pores and skin, therefore consuming Ghol fish is helpful to pores and skin well being.

Children’s mind cells and capability will be enhanced by consuming Ghol fish regularly. This is boosted by the Omega-3 within the fish. Male fish are costlier than feminine fish.

Price of Ghol Fish:

The male fish, weighing 30 kilograms, will price Rs 4 to five lakh available in the market, whereas the feminine fish will price Rs 1 to 2 lakh. Another inside organ of the fish, however one that’s in excessive demand as effectively.

In Satpati, Mumbai, it prices Rs 5- 6 lakh. Its flesh, then again, prices solely Rs 500 to 600 available on the market. It’s additionally used within the filtration of wine and the manufacture of cosmetics.

Chandrakanbt Tare, a Maharashtra fisherman, made Rs 1.33 crore by promoting 157 Ghol fish he caught in September. Another fisherman in Alappuzha made Rs 59,000 by promoting 20.6 kg of the identical fish every week in the past.

First printed on: 28 Apr 2022, 12:11 IST



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