There are pleasant guests in your backyard who give greater than they take. These guests from the animal kingdom are your true backyard associates. Some assist to pollinate your vegetation, some make the soil superior for planting whereas others defend your backyard from pest assaults.

Let’s meet our associates & find out about their significance:

1. Earthworms:

These iconic creatures are nonetheless on the high of the checklist. There isn’t any synthetic substitute for worms capacity to transform unplantable and non-fertile lands into effectively ready fertile soils. Earthworms are the bio-machines, genuinely designed for the only objective of soil enchancment. The finest associates of farmers and the most effective associates of gardeners.

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Earthworm: helpful insects

2. Millipede:

The most misunderstood buddy of a backyard. Millipedes are feared or hated for his or her look, however they’re innocent and in reality very helpful. Millipedes are like allies of earthworms who feed on lifeless and decaying natural matter. They assist in humus formation, and due to being quick movers in addition they assist make the soil effectively aerated.

beneficial garden bugs

3. Ladybird beetle:

These are wrongly recognized with their favourite widespread identify ladybugs. As lovely as they’re, ladybirds are equally helpful hunters. They prey upon among the most harmful backyard pests like aphids, scale bugs and mealybugs. Presence of ladybirds in your backyard means particular management of infestations.

ladybug insect

4. Praying mantis:

These majestic bugs appear to be a personality of aliens or robots from sci-fi films. Mantis is ambush predators who seek out insect pests of your backyard. Thus they act as pure pesticides for controlling an intensive vary of insect pests like caterpillars, worms, stem borers, moths, Jassids, aphids, hoppers and many others.

beneficial insects in agriculture

5. Bees:

Bees play a necessary function in pollinating flowering vegetation and are the first kind of pollinator in lots of ecosystems that comprise flowering vegetation, together with your vegetable backyard. It is estimated that one-third of the human meals provide depends upon pollination by bugs, birds and bats, most of which is completed by bees, whether or not wild or domesticated.

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friendly insects

6. Birds:

We are all acquainted with the idea of utilizing scarecrow in agriculture to cease the birds from consuming the crop manufacturing. However, there are various hen species that are helpful to our gardens and orchards.

Small birds like flowerpeckers and sunbirds assist in pollination. Birds like Common Myna, owls, bee-eaters, flycatchers, swallows, larks and many others., defend your backyard from pests by preying upon them.

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Birds: Beneficial garden insects

Happy Friendship Day!
Happy Gardening!




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