Turtle vine plant is a wonderful trailing succulent which you’ll simply develop in hanging pots. 

It is also called Creeping Inch Plant and Bolivian Jew.

In this publish, I’m going to share with you to take care of them. 

Turtle Vine plant is thought to be a fear free vegetation which even first time gardeners can develop with out going through a lot drawback.

Turtle Vine Plant Care 

For Turtle Vine Plant care, you have to be most cautious of 4 issues: daylight, water, potting combine & fertilizer. 

If you handle these items, then your plant shall be comfortable and continue to grow.

Also you possibly can prune it every now and then to make it extra bushier.


Turtle Vine plant is a succulent so it prefers shiny however oblique daylight. So, all the time maintain it in a shiny location. 

Keeping it disadvantaged of daylight will stunt its development. 

Although don’t expose it to harsh direct daylight, as it is going to burn the leaves.

The finest place to maintain it, the place it might probably get direct morning daylight then stays below shade the remainder of the day.

Water (Turtle Vine Plant Care)

The most essential level in caring for a turtle vine plant is understanding water it. 

If you overwater this plant, it has a excessive probability of getting root rot which is deadly for this plant. 

So all the time bear in mind to make use of a container that has sufficient drainage holes in order that the surplus water can flush out.

And additionally don’t flood it with water, solely water sufficient to make the soil moist. 

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Potting Mix 

Make positive to offer it with a rising medium which has good drainage capability. 

If the backyard soil you’ve may be very sticky and holds water, then you definately shouldn’t be utilizing that for this plant.

If you aren’t positive about it, go for high quality succulent combine like this one


Plants additionally want a dose of dietary supplements to develop huge and keep wholesome. 

For this you must present your  turtle vine plant with both vermicompost or liquid fertilizer to maintain it rising huge. 

Anyways by no means over do it.

If your plant isn’t rising even after feeding fertilizer then search for some other indicators like root rot or test whether or not you’ve saved your plant away from daylight.  

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Pest Attack (Turtle Vine Plant Care)

If you ever see your Turtle Vine plant getting attacked by pests, instantly wash them off with the assistance of a stress sprayer. 

Or if that doesn’t work, use a neem spray and apply it in a spot of 20 days till the pests are gone. 

How to Grow Turtle Vine Plant From Cuttings?  

Turtle Vine Plant

To develop Turtle vine vegetation, you have to minimize wholesome cuttings of round 4-5 inches in size.  Prepare a succulent potting combine, which is normally sand 30%, backyard soil 30%, coco peat 20% and vermi-compost 20%. 

Now you have to fill this potting combine in a 6 inch container with drainage holes on the backside. 

The final step may be very easy, so all it’s a must to do now’s put the cuttings on the highest of the potting combine (no have to insert it). 

After this merely water the cuttings flippantly in order to make the soil moist. 

And maintain the pot in a location the place it might probably get shiny however oblique daylight.

Water the soil recurrently to maintain the soil moist more often than not. 

Within 2 months it is going to develop sufficiently big.

This is how simply you can develop Turtle Vine vegetation

Over To You

I hope this easy but detailed information on Turtle Plant Care was ready that will help you get your questions answered.

But when you anyhow you’ve some other queries associated to it, be at liberty to drop them within the remark part.

And additionally share it along with your plant lover pals in order that in addition they get benefitted from it.


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