Mango tree upkeep should be certain that the tree continues to provide wholesome flowers and fruits within the years forward

Mango is named the “king of fruits” and is a favourite summer time fruit of many individuals. Mango is a fruit plant of the Anacardiaceae household with the genus Mangifera. A mango tree can develop as much as 30 – 40 meters in peak. In India, mango cultivation is carried out in varied states together with Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar. Early and premature fruit fall from the tree is a major problem that many farmers face therefore this text will give you some prevention methods for mango fruit dropping. Mango blossoms will produce way more fruit than the tree can assist, leading to vital fruit drops.

Mango timber produce fruit in three years and fruit develops swiftly. Mango tree upkeep should be certain that the tree continues to provide wholesome flowers and fruits within the years forward. 

Causes of Fruit Drop in Mango


One of the most important causes attributed to mango fruit fall is insect pest infestation. The greatest contributors embody midges, caterpillars, hoppers, thrips, fruit flies, and seed weevils. The mango midge may cause fruit lack of as much as 70%, and the mango hopper is a extreme pest that may trigger 25-60% fruit loss. The course of by which insect injury causes mango fruit to abscise is probably going as numerous because the hurt they do. 

Fungal Diseases

Powdery mildew and anthracnose are fungal infections that may trigger mango fruit to drop prematurely. Anthracnose seems as darkish stains on plant leaves or depressed lesions, whereas powdery mildew covers mango fruit, foliage, and twigs with a white, powdery substance. Both will lead to decreased development, department dieback, and early mango fruit drop. Fungi and pests feed on fallen plant supplies, resembling twigs, leaves, blossoms, and fruits, rising the chance of future points

Pruning lifeless, dying branches and leaves from the tree regularly will assist to stop any potential issues from spreading all through the tree. In extreme infestations, a fungicide could also be required to avoid wasting the tree.

Other Causes of mango fruit dropping

Mangoes dropping from stalks is a pure prevalence that isn’t attributable to bugs or different points. A mango tree can solely maintain a selected proportion of its heavy fruit set, and solely a small proportion of it is going to ripen into full-size fruit. The dropping of sure mango fruits is a pure a part of the tree’s thinning course of, which permits it to higher make the most of the vitamins accessible. All of the immature fruits are preventing for meals and water. Only the hardest fruits will make it.

The tree’s fruit loss could possibly be attributable to a wide range of circumstances. Weather fluctuations, inadequate soil moisture, lack of pollination, and ovule abortion are a few of the primary causes.

Prevention of Fruit Dropping in Mango Tree

Choose a shiny and open location that is protected against excessive winds. The mango timber can develop in virtually any soil, whether or not it is sandy, loam, or clay, so long as it has enough depth and drainage. A hormonal spray can be utilized to affect the fruit drop on mango timber. The fruit set is ensured by spraying hormones on blooms. Fruit retention may be improved by Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) and Gibberellic Acid (GA3). 

Other prevention strategies embody sustaining soil moisture to keep away from the fruit drop which additional ends in the elevated measurement of the fruit. Wind beaks may be put in throughout the orchards to keep away from fruit drops because of high-velocity winds all through the rising season.

First printed on: 29 Apr 2022, 02:57 IST



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