Cheese vs Paneer

Dairy merchandise corresponding to cheese and paneer are two in style kinds of dairy merchandise. People often confuse cheese with paneer however though cheese and paneer have sure similarities, they aren’t the identical when it comes to nature, diet, or preparation. Let’s draw comparisons to see how they differ from one another and which one is more healthy!


Cheese is made by acidifying the milk of cows, buffaloes, goats, and different animals. Bacteria trigger milk to develop into acidic, which impacts the feel and taste of the cheese. It is available in quite a lot of shapes, textures, and flavors. There are about 300 various kinds of cheese obtainable in varied flavors.

Cheese incorporates a considerable amount of fats and energy, making it unsuitable for individuals with cardiac situations. It additionally has the next protein content material than paneer, making it superb for these trying to achieve weight and muscle. It additionally consists of extra calcium than paneer, useful for the bones.

When in comparison with paneer, cheese will be saved for a very long time. It will maintain within the freezer for 2 to 6 months. Emulsification is used within the preparation of cheese, which permits it to final for a very long time.


Paneer is a sort of home cheese that’s also referred to as cottage cheese. It’s additionally created from milk by heating it to over 200 levels Fahrenheit after which coagulating it with an acid. Acids corresponding to lemon juice or vinegar can be utilized to coagulate milk. Paneer is the identify given to it in India and Pakistan, whereas cottage cheese is the time period given to it in the remainder of the world. It is named Chhena or Chhana in Orissa and Bengal.

Paneer has minimal fats and calorie content material, making it appropriate for individuals with cardiac issues. Paneer is a extremely perishable meals due to the dearth of emulsification in its manufacturing. As a outcome, it can’t be saved for lengthy durations of time and should be consumed inside 2 or 3 days after buy. You can extend the lifetime of the paneer by altering the water.

Difference Between Cheese and Paneer


Cheese is created from milk via an acidification course of. Paneer is ready by curdling heated milk with acids corresponding to lemon juice, vinegar, and different associated compounds.

Fat and Calorie Content

Cheese has extra fats and energy than paneer.


Cheese isn’t perishable so it may be saved for about 2-6 months in a freezer whereas paneer is extremely perishable and ought to be consumed inside 2-3 days.

Preparation of cheese entails emulsification whereas preparation of paneer doesn’t.

Nutrient Content

Cheese has extra protein and calcium than paneer.

Which is best cheese & paneer?

Although cheese is nutritious, it incorporates lots of saturated fats and ldl cholesterol, which is unhealthy to your coronary heart. A 100-gram portion of cheese incorporates 18 grams of saturated fats and 100 milligrams of ldl cholesterol, whereas a 100-gram serving of paneer incorporates 1.7 grams of saturated fats and 17 milligrams of ldl cholesterol. As a outcome, paneer is the clear winner right here.

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